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Shrubs include Cymbopogon, Cedrus, Salvadora persica (Arak), Acorus calamus, Buxus dioica, turmeric, Euphorbia pithyusa, astragalus, Cyperus papyrus and Punica granatum (pomegranates).
Buelliagriseovirens (Turner et Borrer ex Sm.) Almb.--3: ramas de Buxus sempervirens (930041).
The planting is leafy and textural, with bold use of Calamagrostris and Buxus cubes.
Columnar kinds of English boxwood like Buxus sempervirens 'Monrue' are good for tall hedges and topiaries.
The common name for Buxus sempervirens brings to mind a joke inspired by the "talking cars" of today.
Box (Buxus) is just about done due to its decimation by pests and disease, with Ilex crenata and pittosporum beginning to take its place.
| BUXUS SEMPERVIRENS A CLASSIC native evergreen, ideal for low hedging, boundaries or divisions.
The Buxus sempervirens balls that appeared to be completely crushed by the weight of snow have bounced back, while the echiums that looked to be lifeless have defrosted and look Coated: Buxus need brushing the white stuff like they may survive after all.
Coated: Buxus need brushing the white stuff Snow on its own is not so damaging to plants and often can have an insulating effect.
BUXUS Suffruticosa is the best dwarf hedging plant.
A Buxus comes in ball shapes, cones or spiral shapes.