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Buxaceae Whole Chloroform: methanol (1:1) Carthamus tinctorius Linn.
Didymelaceae--a comparison of female structures with Buxaceae and other basal eudicots.
Reproductive structures and systematics of Buxaceae.
Development of inflorescences and flowers in Buxaceae and the problem of perianth interpretation.
Berberidopsidales" or Buxaceae is also suggested by recent
Pachysandra of the Buxaceae shows similarities to G.
Buxaceae Pachysandra 10H, 11A PACH procumbens Michx.
This problem is also present in some more basal eudicots, such as Ranunculales (Endress, 1995), Trochodendraceae (Endress, 1986), Buxaceae (von Balthazar & Endress, 2002), and Myrothamnaceae (Jager Zurn, 1966).