butyric acid

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an unpleasant smelling fatty acid found especially in butter

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A lower DM content, such as in the early stage of maturity, is associated with butyric acid fermentation and large volumes of effluent containing valuable highly digestible nutrients.
In order for further investigation and improvement in butyric acid production batch repeated batch fed batch andcontinuous type butyric acid fermentation of biomass have been discussed in this review.
In addition presence of profuse lignocellulose biomass as low-value agricultural commodities or obligation of apt disposal of bio-wastes to pass up pollution tribulations have been creating favorable business climate for butyric acid fermentation.Although butyric acid is a significant bio-fuel todevelop sustainable green society its production through fermentation of biomass has been regarded as very complex and hard to control.
Considering economics of the bio- butyric acid fermentation it can be pointed out that agricultural products would not be feasible substrates due to high cost and direct uses for human beings and other animals.
The results of butyric acid fermentation from NaOH pretreated rice straw with the five selected enrichments were summarized in Table 2.