butyl nitrite

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a colorless pungent liquid sometimes used as a stimulant drug by drug abusers

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The increased hydrophobicity of the butyl ester of PVM/MA copolymer provides more resistance to the breakdown of the hair style and delivers improved suppleness in the body of the hair while demonstrating natural movement as indicated by the motion at the tips.
(1)b-Phellandrene (2) Toluene (3) Iso-orientin (4) Nonane (5) 6-C-p-hydroxybenzoylvitexin (6) Ethylbenzene (7) 8-C-p-hydroxybenzoylvitexin (8) Benzene1,3-dimethyl (9) Citrullol (10) 2-Propenoic acid, butyl ester (11) Elatericin B (12) Undecane (13) a-sphinosterol (14) Dodecane (15) Octadecane (16) a-elaterin (17) Hentriactone (18) Tridecane (19) 9,12-Octadecadienoicacid[7,7] (20) Elaterin (21) n-Hexadecanoic acid (22) 9,12-Octadecadienoicacid[7,7]
Changes in brain serotanin and 5-hydroxyindalacetic acid levels induced by 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic butyl ester. Toxicology 64:255-270.
The mean (SD) retention times of the butyl ester derivatives of L-arginine, ADMA, and SDMA, respectively, were 1.03 (0.04) min (CV = 3.9%; n = 6), 1.84 (0.02) min (CV = 1.3%), and 2.03 (0.02) min (CV = 0.8%).
Propyl and butyl esters were obtained only under acid catalysis.
Formamidene butyl esters of amino acids afford more stable ions than the corresponding butyl esters during electrospray ionization-MS/MS analysis (6).
The method is based on chromatographic separation of MMA from SA and selective fragmentation of MMA butyl ester. The analysis time per sample was 3 min, which is significantly faster than conventional GC-MS methods.
The semiautomated preparation of butyl ester derivatives of acylcarnitines and amino acids from blood spots consisted of a simple solvent extraction and derivatization procedure that takes ~2.5 h for 60 samples.
Relevant AC butyl esters were extracted and derivatized from 1/3 inch dried blood samples and were analyzed using a protocol described by Schulze et al.
Acylcarnitines were derivatized to the corresponding butyl esters with butanolic hydrochloric acid.