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very large spreading plane tree of eastern and central North America to Mexico

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Inside the fort, protected from strong winds and salt spray, is a lush tropical atmosphere with date palms, carob trees, ancient Buttonwood trees and Gumbolimbo trees with red peeling bark.
The Buttonwood Gathering refers to the buttonwood tree on Wall Street under which traders and speculators used to conduct their business during the 18th century.Aa
is worth the life of a buttonwood tree." Not exactly an advertisement for himself.
From its formation under the Buttonwood Tree in 1792, to the establishment of the not-for-profit NYSE Regulation, Inc., in 2006, to the creation of NYSE Euronext in 2007, the NYSE has experienced many historic firsts, surpassed major milestones, and set new records.
From 24 brokers beneath a buttonwood tree to the tragic events six years ago, Lower Manhattan has seen its share of ups and downs.
It has been over two centuries since securities traders began meeting informally under a buttonwood tree on Wall Street.
Business consultancy Buttonwood Tree Group has launched its Market Data Benchmark Service, which enables financial institutions to measure market data costs against industry peers.
RELATED ARTICLE: The New York Stock Exchange began in 1792, with 24 merchants trading under a buttonwood tree. Today, it is a high-tech maze where thousands of people work.
Then, in 1792, 24 brokers agreed to trade under a buttonwood tree outside 68 Wall Street, charging commissions and giving preference to each other in negotiations.