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a man's white shirt (with a starch front) for evening wear (usually with a tuxedo)

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Men's light blue, 100% cotton denim full button shirt with long sleeves, button-down collar, pocket, plain yoke, and embroidered blue and red ARMA logo above pocket.
Then the fellow standing in line before me remarked that the only advice he had been given by the senior partners in his law firm was that the Chief Justice despised button-down collars. He frowned with mild dismay as he suddenly noticed the button-down collar on my brand-new white shirt, and said, "I guess I shouldn't have mentioned that."
During the CIA,s early days, the stereotypical analyst was an Ivy League professor-on-leave, replete with elbow-patched tweed jacket, button-down collar, and old-boy striped tie; today, analysts are less tweedy and come from a wide range of colleges.
Take this voucher to your nearest d2 store to get pounds 5 off a men's Oxford button-down collar short sleeve shirt (Style No: 106239 only).
The comfortable shirt has a button-down collar, roll-up sleeves and buttons, adjustable cuffs, articulated elbows, pivot sleeves and an expansion back.
If you men still subscribe to the traditional business image, then you'll need a dark suit - positively no pin stripes - and a white shirt with a button-down collar. Ties with a diamond pattern are in, and cuff links are a must - the zanier the better.
For a standard collar and a button-down collar, the half-Windsor knot or the four-in-hand are the preferred choice.
A top-notch label, button-down collar, oatmeal colour and in a sort of linen material.
I'm currently sitting in it - a Pringle orange, cream and brown T-shirt with a button-down collar
There's blue fine-stripe button-down collar shirts and soft plain collar styles in the latest shades of charcoal and tobacco.
Classic, though there is a danger that the button-down collar could bring back memories of school.
A long or narrow face suits the average to wide-spread collar, the pin and button-down collar.
Last July 29, he was sporting an off-duty model look-black distressed skinny jeans, a denim blue button-down collared shirt that bared his chest, and a simple navy jacket, all by Penshoppe.
Then came the years of bubble bath, sock freshener, Old Spice after shave lotion, menthol gargle and floral shirts with button-down collars to help me hook Miss Right.