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a man's white shirt (with a starch front) for evening wear (usually with a tuxedo)

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Men's light blue, 100% cotton denim full button shirt with long sleeves, button-down collar, pocket, plain yoke, and embroidered blue and red ARMA logo above pocket.
He frowned with mild dismay as he suddenly noticed the button-down collar on my brand-new white shirt, and said, "I guess I shouldn't have mentioned that.
During the CIA,s early days, the stereotypical analyst was an Ivy League professor-on-leave, replete with elbow-patched tweed jacket, button-down collar, and old-boy striped tie; today, analysts are less tweedy and come from a wide range of colleges.
Available in a choice of great colours, this Oxford button-down collar shirt is a classic that will suit dads of all ages.
The comfortable shirt has a button-down collar, roll-up sleeves and buttons, adjustable cuffs, articulated elbows, pivot sleeves and an expansion back.
If you men still subscribe to the traditional business image, then you'll need a dark suit - positively no pin stripes - and a white shirt with a button-down collar.
For a standard collar and a button-down collar, the half-Windsor knot or the four-in-hand are the preferred choice.
5 oz 100% cotton, double needle stitching throughout, button-down collar, horn-tone buttons, patch pocket, port authority s500t or equivalent.
A top-notch label, button-down collar, oatmeal colour and in a sort of linen material.
I'm currently sitting in it - a Pringle orange, cream and brown T-shirt with a button-down collar
Rumor is, Kevin was soon seen in the office actually without a button-down collar, but you know how people tend to exaggerate.
There's blue fine-stripe button-down collar shirts and soft plain collar styles in the latest shades of charcoal and tobacco.
Classic, though there is a danger that the button-down collar could bring back memories of school.
He was clean-shaven and wore sunglasses and a shirt with a button-down collar, officials said.
A long or narrow face suits the average to wide-spread collar, the pin and button-down collar.