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a hill that rises abruptly from the surrounding region

a town in southwestern Montana

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Whether the goal is to connect, educate, promote, or celebrate; creating meaningful events in brand new space is a core competency of the Marriott Buttes sales and events team.
McChesney ran in the first "Storm the Butte" race in 1973, a 2-mile scramble to the top of Spencer Butte, and has missed only two races in the Butte to Butte's history - once when he was invited to a July Fourth 10K in Ashland, and once after the Achilles injury.
And, incidentally, while they may not have mesas or buttes in England, they do have Stonehenge, which might be thought of as some sort of geological kissin' cousin.
Also, the newer housing developments of the Village of Oak Creek, the community just south of the Bell Rock, sprawl uncomfortably close to the butte and the trail.
Originally developed by Carefree Resorts and opened in 1986, The Buttes has enjoyed immediate and sustained success, attributable in large part to its location and quality management.
Two naturalist organizations have contracted with landowners to lead groups on hikes in the buttes.
As a result of these events, Buttes has notified Sastaro that the Mubarek Field Participation Agreement, dated May 19, 2005, between Sastaro and Buttes, is terminated.
While 5K runners don't go anywhere near the hill, sticking closer to Skinner Butte, participants in both the 10K run and the 4.
The Antelope Valley SEA encompasses the remaining undeveloped portions of Lovejoy Butte, around which Lake Los Angeles is built, and all of Alpine, Piute, Black and Saddleback buttes.
Located in the rolling ranchlands of Bent County in southeastern Colorado, the 50 wind turbines at Twin Buttes generate 75 megawatts (MW) of electricity.
You drive to the top of Skinner Butte, drink in the delicious view, slam down a sub sandwich, see the Three Sisters poised out there in deep left field and think: Hey, is this a great place to live or what?
Tuesday, apparently heading toward Piute Butte above the Antelope Valley Indian Museum about two miles away.
energy business, today announced it will begin construction this fall on the 75-megawatt (MW) Twin Buttes Wind Power Project near Lamar in southeastern Colorado.
Dan Olmstead, fifth in the past three Butte to Buttes, trains with his Jack Russell terrier, Jasper.
I loved the desert skies, the incredible buttes, the wide open spaces and views and vistas,'' Franklin said.