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a hill that rises abruptly from the surrounding region

a town in southwestern Montana

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The Pirate Shipwreck play area design is based upon the Whydah, a real pirate ship that sank in 1717 and was discovered by Crested Butte local, Barry Clifford, in 1984.
In 2014, Phoenix Marriott Tempe at The Buttes began a hotel-wide program, Give | Local - A Community Giving Initiative, garnering the attention of guests, clients, Marriott International, and the industry as a platform for an organized, focused and impactful giving initiative, which may be duplicated at other hotels across the country.
He told me about Butte to Butte, the quintessential Eugene 10K, and suggested that I try it.
Fortunately, each word is accompanied by a photograph, and the photos lead me to conclude that buttes are more abbreviated, less extensive, than mesas.
Bell Rock: This wide trail encircles Bell Rock, a distinctive butte at the southern reaches of the Sedona area.
Both buttes required attention to make the trails safer for workers; Hayden Butte would be enjoyed by residents as well.
Although the buttes appear on road maps as a blank circle roughly 10 miles in diameter, a wealth of plant and animal life lives within their rocky ramparts.
OTCBB: SKPI), an oil and gas company, today reports that on December 31, 2009, Buttes Gas and Oil Co.
A highlight of the event was when officials unveiled a new plaque commemorating Elephant Buttes 100 years of operation.
com)-- Phoenix Marriott Tempe at The Buttes hotel in Tempe, Arizona, has completed a comprehensive renovation of its 40,000 square feet of conference and event space.
Oregon Track Club's Butte to Butte started the following year, "and it's been going that way ever since," Wyckoff adds, albeit with a few course adjustments between the two buttes.
In the Antelope Valley, the proposed significant ecological area expansion covers scattered Joshua tree woodlands west of Lancaster, the lakes and hills along the San Andreas Fault from Quail Lake to Barrel Springs, and the Big Rock, Little Rock and Mescal creek washes and the rocky buttes around Lake Los Angeles.
Bill Ritter joined elected officials, energy industry leaders and the community to celebrate the opening of PPM Energy's Twin Buttes Wind Power Project, Colorado's newest wind farm, today.
He had been enamored of the butte since first stepping atop it on that April day in 1961 as a 28-year-old architectural engineer from Iowa, where 682-foot buttes are rare.
Sutter said the Gonzalez boys and other neighborhood kids frequently went up into the rocky buttes ``just as something to do,'' usually carrying ``sticks with nails'' to protect themselves from any wild animals.