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a small knife with a dull blade

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The action is the same, but the metalwork is blued and the (previously) signature butterknife bolt handle is replaced with an extended "tactical" bolt handle, a pretty good feature in a hot prairie dog town.
Stir with a butterknife until you get a medium stiff dough.
A monogrammed butterknife, modern pattern or heirloom?
Check Switchblade Tongues, Butterknife Brains on Gearhead.
And the Irish Government also had its own superspy at the top of the IRA - codenamed, I hear, Butterknife.
At first, it might appear that engineers need a hacksaw, or at least a butterknife, to cut through this hearty helping of alphabet soup.
So, she's not even a butterknife in the brains drawer.
The carbine model, with its turned-down butterknife bolt handle, was particularly desirable and could be used with the original barrel.
The bolt handle sits close to the stock with a European-style semispoon or "butterknife" shape and has an extremely lively feel upon opening.
Interestingly, the bolt handle is a modified butterknife, and it's removable and interchangeable.
Butterknife has a bright power-pop sound that's both exhilarating and delectable.
Butterknife performs with the Susan Constant, The Fatal Flaw and Satellites Fall at 9 p.m.
Flat "butterknife" bolt handles replaced the straight military bolt handles.
If there is little clearance between bolt handle and stock (such as with flat "butterknife" bolt handles) the bolt handle initially hits the edge rather than the center of the palm and contact is none too secure.