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(medicine) puncture of a vein through the skin in order to withdraw blood for analysis or to start an intravenous drip or to inject medication or a radiopaque dye

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To achieve the desired results of promptly reporting every single injury, our butterfly system had to make it easy and convenient for users.
Our butterfly system has "best practices" algorithms prebuilt into each user's role that individually keeps the claim on track, running smoothly and efficiently towards the best-case conclusion for every single claim.
A number of issues posed by parallel-processing implementations of both UNIX and Mach will be examined, along with an implementation of Mach on the Butterfly system, developed by BBN Advanced Computers, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Switch bandwidth in the Butterfly system grows as more processors are added to the machine, so a Butterfly computer overcomes some of the throughput drawbacks of other, bandwidth-limited connection architectures.