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a swimming stroke in which the arms are thrown forward together out of the water while the feet kick up and down

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A possible explanation for these different findings might be the relative youth of butterfly swimming as it was introduced as the last swim modality by FINA [5].
reacts after setting a world record in the men's 100m butterfly swimming final at the World Championships in Rome August 1, 2009.
(1999) Kinematic changes with inspiratory actions in butterfly swimming. In: Biomechanics and medicine in swimming VIII.
TAKE THE PLUNGE: Academy Manager Allan McDermott leads the way into the water, above, and Andrew Winspear uses his butterfly swimming skills to paddle the boat forward, right,; ROW YOUR BOAT: James Cass, Jimmy Moutrey, Tori Carroll and Jonny Wood take part in the 'toxic waste' challenge, above, two girls wade out of the water after a soaking, right, and the blindfolded rowers, below; READY TO GO: The various participants prepare to set off, above, and Gazette reporter Angela Rainey adjusts her blindfold, below; WHAT A TEAM: The water sports group, above, and the raft building exercise, top
Egyptian Swimmer, Farida Osman, grabs a Golden medal for Egypt, after winning the Silver medal on Saturday, in the 50 Butterfly Swimming in just 25:48 seconds.
If this theory is true, one can only wonder what effect Farida Osman's performance in the women's 100-metre butterfly swimming event in the FINA World Championships at Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona on 28 July will have.
David Parry will be alone in his Liverpool home, sitting on the edge of his seat with his eyes shielded -- at least for the end of the 200m butterfly swimming final.
Farida Osman -- Press Photo CAIRO -- 23 June 2018: Egyptian Swimmer, Farida Osman, won a silver medal for Egypt on Saturday in the 100 m Butterfly Swimming in the Mediterranean Games which takes place in Spain.