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Synonyms for sewing

Synonyms for sewing

joining or attaching by stitches

needlework on which you are working with needle and thread

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Doctors treated the small cut with butterfly stitches and sent him home, but hours later the wound became infected and Rhys began vomiting at home and his eye was swollen shut.
Pensioner Surtee Young was left "terrified" and in need of butterfly stitches to his fingers when he was bitten by Kevin Mavin's pet, Memphis, after it fled out of an open gate.
INTRODUCTION: Steri-Strips (3M's Nexcare) (1), generically known as 'Butterfly Stitches', are thin adhesive strips which can be used to close small wounds, .
He stepped forward to close her wound with butterfly stitches and Acorns staff proceeded to clean her up and bring her round.
Edith Sanderson, prosecuting, told the court Mr Cards, who suffers from learning difficulties, needed butterfly stitches and antibiotics for the bite on his nose.
Aiden Wain, was bitten on the face by the dog and needed five butterfly stitches around the wound.
The surgeon had used ugly butterfly stitches and the liposculpture on my inside legs made me look like I'd got cellulite.
In 1973, 5ft 3in Melody even needed butterfly stitches - normally given to boxers in the middle of a bout - after one of Bugner's attacks.
While some call for butterfly stitches and cash infusions, what the VA really needs is major surgery-a health care voucher system that essentially eliminates the VA hospital system, turning the most viable of its hospital facilities over to community hospitals.
The girl was taken to hospital, where her wound was treated with butterfly stitches, but the scar is yet to heal.
Gary Holt had returned in the early hours of yesterday morning from hospital with a few butterfly stitches after going in where it hurts.
Medics treated the wounds with iodine and closed them with glue and butterfly stitches before dressing them.
She saw Whitcombe standing behind her with a knife, and suffered a wound which required butterfly stitches.