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a stiff sharp-pointed plant process

a sharp-pointed process especially a sting of a hymenopterous insect

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Caption: You may be able to spot the Butterfly Cluster with your naked eye if you're under dark enough skies, but this cluster really sparkles with binoculars or a small scope.
splashy open cluster Messier 6, the Butterfly Cluster. In a dark
The other is M6, which only needs low telescopic power to show why it is sometimes called the Butterfly Cluster.
Upper right of M7 is M6, the Butterfly Cluster. At bottom center is tiny, bright NGC 6231 above the close star pair Zeta' and Zeta', which smolder orange and white.
M6, known as the Butterfly Cluster, contains many blue stars plus a prominent orange star in its eastern "wing." M7 is somewhat larger and is beautifully set against a bright starcloud of the Milky Way.
It says, "Somewhat irregular in shape, with a central rib of stars and resembles a butterfly with open wings." The group is now commonly known as the Butterfly Cluster. Oddly, not everyone outlines the butterfly in the same way.