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They imply that the long tube butterflies and moths use to suck nectar from flowers actually developed before flowering plants did, so it must have originally evolved for a different purpose.
And after 2016's catastrophic summer for butterflies and moths, the need for monitoring the state of play couldn't be more important, as it not only provides valuable data on where best to direct future conservation efforts, it also indicates whether current projects are proving effective.
Richard Fox, of the Butterfly Conservation charity, said: "These sightings are very exciting news, not only for the people lucky enough to see these thrilling butterflies and moths in the wild but also for the future.
There are many plants available at your local garden centre; irresistible to butterflies and moths as well as providing colour and often scented blooms to the gardener.
It's too soon to tell exactly how the UK's butterflies and moths have fared but the signs are that spring species, including many threatened butterflies, benefited from the hot weather in April and May.
There are currently an estimated 1,12,000 to 1,65,000 described species of butterflies and moths within 131 families on this planet.
The seeds are part of The Co-operative's Plan Bee initiative, which includes a project to create wildflower meadows across the country to make a rich habitat for a host of pollinators such as honeybees, bumblebees, hoverflies, butterflies and moths.
In a new study, he and other researchers looked at changes in the reproduction patterns of butterflies and moths in Central Europe.
Twenty-four species of butterflies and moths have been listed under the Endangered Species Act (Figures 1 and 2).
Save Our Butterflies Week is launched on Saturday by Sir David Attenborough on behalf of Butterfly Conservation, which runs regular surveys asking people to log sightings of certain butterflies and moths online at butterfly-conservation.
A lot of their food plants are disappearing and the first signs can be that the butterflies and moths have gone and that should ring the alarm bells.
The collaborative work of natural history expert Robert Thompson and entomologist Brian Nelson, "The Butterflies And Moths Of Northern Ireland" is a 440-page compendium of information that provides the reader with a complete and comprehensive description of all of the butterflies and moths that are to be found in the northern provinces of Ireland.
Woodlands in the North-East are playing a leading role in tackling the decline of rare butterflies and moths.
Altogether over 20 families and nearly 300 species of butterflies and moths are now known from the UAE and northern Oman, making the Lepidoptera indisputably the best-known major order of insects in the region.
Floating on a breeze, circling around a light, or flitting from flower to flower, butterflies and moths are delicate, often colorful creatures that delight the observer.