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The saying goes, if your chin reflects the yellow of the buttercup flower when held it, then you like butter.
The man walked into Buttercups and Daisies in Somerford Road, Weoley Castle, and approached the till after picking up a bunch of flowers.
Not only is there a cat called Dorothy, there is a dog called Buttercup, whose appearance leads to buttercups appearing in the garden, and some mice who live there - all of whom seem to want to look after any children who reside there.
SCIENTISTS have discovered why buttercups glow yellow under people's chins - and it has nothing to do with liking butter.
Reflection of light by the smooth surface of the cells and by the air layer effectively doubles the gloss of the petal, explaining why buttercups are so much better at reflecting light under your chin than any other flower.
The July sun is shining on a lush meadow spattered with buttercups.
Most will feature the traditional meadow favourites like poppies, foxgloves, buttercups, cornflowers, toadflax, primroses, daisies, cowslips and the like.
The first intact fossil of a mature eudicot--a type of flowering plant whose membership includes buttercups, apple and maple trees, dandelions, and proteas--has been discovered by scientists from the U.
BUTTERCUPS in a field are like wrinkles on a face - both indicate signs of ageing, according to a Mid Wales scientist.
The traditional symbol of the product, yellow buttercups, speak for naturalness ("Botterbloom" is regional dialect for Butterblume, or buttercup), while a seashore motive has been added, symbolizing North Germany.
A meadow is left to its own devices, turning out daisies, buttercups, and wild strawberries.
She and Maureen Stanton of the University of California, Davis study snow buttercups (Ranunculus adoneus) that poke flowers up through melting snow in the Colorado Rockies.
But if you want your buttercups to bloom in the summer and be much more spectacular, go for the Turban Buttercup, which comes in white, pink, orange or red.
Buttercups, lilies, sunflowers and roses are among the flowers used for the arrangements in 'Being with Flowers'.
The pollen, gathered from dandelions, buttercups, and other plants, comes in a variety of yellow-orange shades that seem to glow.