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Synonyms for butter

butter someone up


Words related to butter

a fighter who strikes the opponent with his head

spread butter on

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I have put on 5lb - that's two-and-a-half bags of sugar - and inevitability the stopping of chocolate-eating, wine-swigging and butter pat face-stuffing will kick in about now.
Everything, right down to the hand-tooled butter pat, is pristine.
Add 37 calories and 4g fat if you add a butter pat. 7/10
Nevertheless, I managed to get a fist full of the free chocolates, the butter pats and a couple of those tiny jam packets for my breakfast the next day.
Speaking on his Life Stories show on ITV1, Piers asked Mary: "Is it right that you used to smack your children with wooden butter pats, which were smooth on one side and they had ridges on the other?" Mary replied: "You are absolutely right.