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the fatty substance of milk from which butter is made

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He argued it was difficult to bring up the butter fat content to standard because of the lack of shade, water and grass in the region.
The process of blowing off involves separating the foam formed during milking and also the settled butter fat film that forms on unboiled milk stored at room temperature.
Conjugated linoleic acid-enriched butter fat alters mammary gland morphogenesis and reduces cancer risk in rats.
It is then preserved by putting the dried strips in clarified butter fat. In Northern Kenya, camel blood is consumed as it supplies necessary iron salts and other essential nutrients.
While all dairy categories have been affected, ice cream's high butter fat content and large distribution footprints make it particularly vulnerable.
About US cattle Prof Pasha suggested that Holstein Friesians were in high demand due to butter fat adding that the herd of cattle would come from California, Arizona and Peninsula.
Abbas, who trained in Pakistan, said: "Asian food is normally quite high in fat because of the onions fried in ghee (butter fat) that make the base for curries so I make my own vegetable curry with less fat.
It is made with more butter fat and less air than regular ice cream, making it thick and rich."
"A further explanation, which we are speculating about, is that intestinal cells prefer to store butter fat rather than long-chain fatty acids from vegetable oils.
To comply with the directive, the Italian regulation should either refer to the absence of vegetable fat other than cocoa butter or to the sole presence of cocoa butter fat (pure chocolate from cocoa butter).
He said: "I think crossing the Swedish red with the Holstein cow will result in an animal with high production gained from the Holstein blood, but at the same time improving its fertility, longevity, butter fat and protein percentages.
Either LF (20% w/v) in distilled water, 3% (w/v) sodium lactate or 20 mM sodium bicarbonate was added on a drop-by-drop basis to an oil mixture containing approximately 22% butter fat, 78% corn oil and 0.1% polyglycerol polyricinoleate at an oil/aqueous phase ratio of 50:50.
Scientists at Food Science Australia and elsewhere analyzed the physicochemical properties (pH, acidity and color) as well as the nutritional components (protein and butter fat) of thermal and thermo-ultrasonicated milk.
TRY the Devonshire cream tea, but remember clotted cream contains 55% butter fat.
Market of Choice buys its cheeses in giant wheels, which are kept in cool, damp, carefully controlled, cellarlike environments and turned regularly to ensure the butter fat is evenly redistributed.