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a vessel in which cream is agitated to separate butterfat from buttermilk


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Outwardly, the Professional Peanut & Nut Butter Maker is reminiscent of a meat grinder.
BUTTER makers are being urged not to be shy and to start selling their products at farmers' markets in the North East.
Among other changes, it produces lactic acid, making the cream less "sweet." Of even greater importance to butter makers working hand churns, culturing helps make churned cream "break" faster into the two products of butter making: butter and buttermilk.
Last fall, Jolly, 54, and her son Jared Hyland, 26, learned from a broker that a Eugene pepper jelly, chutney and fruit butter maker was on the market.
Two years ago, she started soy-nut butter maker Simple Food in Amesbury, Mass., after selling her first soy-nut butter company in 2000.
The Somerset butter maker invested in focus group research and then design consultants to come up with the idea of a 125g, see-through box with 18, foil-wrapped, individual, 7g portions.
Dairy Crest is the UK's second largest dairy company behind Lurpak butter maker Arla.
Lurpak butter maker Arla left forecasts untouched today as it looked to recover from its warning that profits would be hurt by higher oil prices.
"We are also lucky to have such a skilled butter maker in Gene Kruckeberg, who makes our butter at the Hope Creamery in Hope, Minn.
The company has worked out an arrangement with Land O'Lakes for permission to use its brand on Doughmakers packaging, along with an endorsement from the butter maker.
"I got a job as a butter maker. I was there two years."
Al Christensen worked in a creamery as a butter maker, an ice cream mix maker and a tester.
Outside the top flight, butter maker Arla Foods retreated a penny to 58p after it left forecasts untouched in the current climate of high oil prices.
Outside the top flight, butter maker Arla Foods retreated a penny to 58p, while Media and marketing giant Aegis was boosted by takeover activity.
Lurpak butter maker Arla Foods admitted today it had lost the battle to protect its profits from rising utility bills.