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English novelist who described a fictitious land he called Erewhon (1835-1902)


English poet (1612-1680)


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Now writers such as Nalo Hopkinson, Octavia Butler, Samuel R.
Groomsmen were Allen Drake Adams, John Clayton Allen, Michael Mashburn Butler, Samuel Cole Eaton, Jefferson Ridgway Gamblin, Frederick Gantt Hickman, Jr., Don Larkin Kennedy, Perry Leon Nations, Jr., Roshan Raman Patel, Bradley Mason Reeves, Stephen Leslie Smith, and Frederick Alan Stuckey.
Among them, Octavia Butler, Samuel Delany, Ben Okri, Steven Barnes, Tananarive Due, Walter Mosley, Sheree R.
Among Dark Matter's contributors are Amiri Baraka, Stephen Barnes, Octavia Butler, Samuel R.
Erewhon (in full Erewhon; or, Over the Range) Satirical novel by Butler, Samuel, first published anonymously in 1872.