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In this study eco-friendly antimicrobial finish was extracted from leaves of Butea monosperma and applied on 100% polyester and 50/50 cotton/polyester blend.
Present research was aimed to investigate the effect of antimicrobial finish Azadirachata indica, Butea monosperma and Litchi chinensis on aesthetic properties (stiffness, smoothness appearance) of 100% Silk fabric.
In using Butea monosperma which has the maximum capacity to kill gastrointestinal parasites we use its seeds and collect its crude powder after crushing the seeds then this crude powder is given to animal, similarly, in case of carum copticum and vernonia anthelmintica crude seeds are used as dewormers whereas crude flowers of Artemesia brevifolia and leaves ofswertia chirata, and Nicotina tabacum are used for deworming.
10 gm dry twig powder of Butea monosperma, Ficus benghalensis(FB), Ficus religiosa (FRel) and Ficus Racemosa (FR) & fresh aerial parts of Cissus quandrangularis are soaked respectively in 100 ml ethanol at 37[degrees]C for 2 days.
Anatomical investigation of flower of Butea monosperma Lam.
Thyroid inhibitory, antiperoxidative and hypoglycemic effects of stigmasterol isolated from Butea monosperma.
He first reviews Butea superba (Red Kwao Krua), which gives strength and power and increased male sexual performance.
Some of the poisonous plants like Butea, Calotropis, Centella, Datura, Solanum and Withania are used in herbal medicines in Pakistan (Nasir and Ali, 1970).
Antihyperglycemic effect has been reported of hydroethanolic extract of Butea monosperma (Lam.
Ber), Grewia optiva (Dhamin), Emblica officinalis (Amla), Vitex negundo (Nishigandha), Cassia fistula (Amaltaas), Butea monosperma, Carissa opaca, Lantana camara, Dedonea viscose etc.
Baullinia variegate (Kachnar fruits), Butea frandose (Dhak bark) and Azedarachta indica (neem leaves) [4,5,6].
Panda S, Jafri M, Kar A and BK Mehta Thyroid inhibitory, antiperoxidative and hypoglycemic effects of sigma sterols isolated from Butea monosperma.
Butea monosperma is a medium-sized deciduous tree belonging to family Leguminosae (Papilionaceae).
Another beauty to grace our garden this month with its first blooms since introducing it - again from Thailand four years ago - is the enthralling Butea monosperma.
Table 4: Ayurvedic Herbs for Further Development Botanical Name Ayurvedic Name Inside Treatment Adhatoda zeylanica Vasa Bronchial constriction Azardiracta indica Neem Bacterial infection Boerhaavia diffusa Punarnava Inflammation Butea monosperma Palasha Intestinal worms Cedrus deodara Devdaar Muscle spasm Celatrus paniculatus Jyotishmati Memory problems Emblica officinalis Amla Astringent Ocimum sanctum Tulsi Antibacterial Picrorhiza kurroa Kutuka Liver toxicity Pterocarpus mars.