Saddam Hussein

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Iraqi leader who waged war against Iran

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Clearly on a roll, the senator from New York unleashed a string of epithets, calling Saddam "the Butcher of Baghdad," "a terrorist," "a man who threatens civilization," and "a man with whom we should not have business.
But if we can beat the big brown one down there in Panama and knock the butcher of Baghdad back into his own backyard in that gulf out there, we can win a big Vic Damone here.
Point of information: Saddam slaughtered 250,000 of his own people and they didn't call him the Butcher of Baghdad because he was an old softie).
SADDAM may be the Butcher of Baghdad but it seems dentists are the Butchers of Britain.
Meanwhile, the Butcher of Baghdad, apparently a nice guy, has totally escaped Moore's keen critical eye.
But the Butcher of Baghdad left just before the missiles smashed into his hidey- hole.
BUTCHER of Baghdad Saddam Hussein got a heartfelt message last night - from a tiny Scots tot.
In a display of the bravado and ruthlessness which would later earn him the title Butcher of Baghdad, Saddam executed his target in public with a single shot to the head.
And demonizing the Butcher of Baghdad diverts attention from Israel's own occupied territories.
Taha Yassin Ramadan was the third of Saddam's top aides to be hanged since the Butcher of Baghdad was executed in December.
But since the start of this wholly justified and necessary war against the Butcher of Baghdad, President Bush has proved himself the most stalwart defender of Christian values since Charles Martel (``The Hammer''), that fabled warrior who halted the seemingly unstoppable Arab hordes at the gates of Poitiers in October, 732.
They suffer from collective amnesia about how we got into this mess in the first place, and collective denial about their own leaders' dirty dealings with the butcher of Baghdad.
But when our president tries to stop a human-rights violator like Saddam, the Butcher of Baghdad, Hollywood forgets their human-rights organization memberships and attacks the president with their stupid statements and tirades.
But the dolls, called The Butcher of Baghdad, The Dirty Terrorist and The British Ally, among others, have sparked a wave of criticism.
The real answer is that the firm which has won the pounds 20million contract to fit out the new Holyrood building has also built opulent homes for the Butcher of Baghdad and worked on Disneyland in Paris.