Saddam Hussein

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Iraqi leader who waged war against Iran

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The so-called Butcher of Baghdad looked visibly shaken upon hearing he would be hanged for ordering the slaughter of 148 Shias more than 20 years ago.
The fact that he's known as "the Butcher of Baghdad" is a bit of a clue to attitudes toward his possible innocence.
But as the Butcher of Baghdad awaits trial, a surprising dilemma has surfaced: Do we want him convicted?
Then, when queried as to why the Butcher of Baghdad failed to use any of this incredibly frightening arsenal to thwart our attack, the Administration snaps back: "He hid them so good, even he couldn't find them."
NOW that the butcher of Baghdad will no longer rule over the country, perhaps the immigrants who came here for fear of torture will consider returning to their homeland and help to get their country sorted out.
Other than a few captured gas masks and several drums of pesticide, no doomsday weapons have been located, and certainly none were employed by the "Butcher of Baghdad," even as the allied forces overran his country.
The 39-year-old from Aintree was held hostage and used as a human shield by the Butcher of Baghdad.
Nothing destroys an alliance like the disappearance of the enemy." This was back in 1996, remember, when the Clinton administration was threatening attacks on Saddam and the Butcher of Baghdad was again being held up as the singular personification of pure evil in the world.
Or Saddam Hussein, the Butcher of Baghdad, who has systematically murdered his own people and laughed in the face of the international community.
HE was described as the Butcher of Baghdad, a man who wouldn't shrink from killing his own family members.
Clearly on a roll, the senator from New York unleashed a string of epithets, calling Saddam "the Butcher of Baghdad," "a terrorist," "a man who threatens civilization," and "a man with whom we should not have business."
But if we can beat the big brown one down there in Panama and knock the butcher of Baghdad back into his own backyard in that gulf out there, we can win a big Vic Damone here."
(Point of information: Saddam slaughtered 250,000 of his own people and they didn't call him the Butcher of Baghdad because he was an old softie).
SADDAM may be the Butcher of Baghdad but it seems dentists are the Butchers of Britain.