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national flag of the United Kingdom


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A female passerby is singing the lyrics (they're flashing up on a video screen in a nearby shopwindow) in a tiny, squeaky, heartfelt voice; watching, fascinated and apparently longing to take a turn, is a pretty young man wearing a butcher's apron and the surly pout of a young Joe Dallesandro.
Look at the concentration on his face as, dressed in a butcher's apron, he works away at his painting.
Based on a real event that took place in Munich, Germany, in the '80s, the play--penned by German playwright Helmut Krausser and first performed in Hamburg in 1994--opens with a young woman who returns home one night to find her boyfriend sporting a leather mask and a bloody butcher's apron, like the villain of the iconic horror series.
Now they are being asked to dress up like a team of pantomime fairies in something which resembles a cross between a butcher's apron, a pair of pyjamas and a Tesco shopping bag.
Old man Elija, his butcher's apron smeared with blood, motioned me to a chair next to him.
An ethnic dress from South Korea for a favorite child, a hand-knit sweater from Italy or Peru, a butcher's apron from France--all can be easily packed into a tote bag or suitcase.
Most viewers knew there would be trouble from the moment that creepy bloke from Breaking Bad (Jesse Plemons) appeared in his butcher's apron.
TOYTOWN: "Esty, don't look now but a bloke in a butcher's apron just walked in.
With that Golden Muzzle experience around the track and wearing the butcher's apron (T6 jacket) he has the look of a real good thing.
lift the butcher's apron off the new brass plaque honoring Holstrom Corner in Drury Square.
Current host John Humphreys is still pretty scary though, his face like a creased leather butcher's apron as he grills an array of former winners all competing for a place in Friday's final and the chance to prove they are the ultimate masterminds.
Her trademark garish suits are harder to get a hold of so I get an old blue stripy apron - aka a butcher's apron - and take Daniel the Spaniel because he is as fit as a butcher's dog.
McGough, a peacable sort of cove, later noticed that The Cavern DJ was walking around clutching a butcher's apron to his nose.
What an evolution this has been, through beltless vinyl bench seats that guaranteed a face like a butcher's apron in any frontal impact, to bucket seats so deep they were picketed during the miners' strike.
And the good news for Irish blokes who like their women with a little bit more fat than a butcher's apron, is that Orla is no stick insect.