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national flag of the United Kingdom


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Also on form is Tommy Lee Jones, whose leathery face has now come to resemble a crumpled butcher's apron with eyes, as the world-weary lawman on the trail of both men.
To the scorn of the many gauchiste Trotskyist and Maoist groups active in the post-1968 environment, the PCF-organised commemoration of the Commune in 1971 (when Adrien Lejeune's remains were ceremoniously interred at PereLachaise, attracting a crowd of some 80,000 according to L'Humanite) involved the flying of the national tricolore; for the leftists, the flying of the 'butcher's apron' at this PCF rally was definitive proof of the Communists' ideological degeneration.
I think of my uncle, butcher's apron bloody as he sliced lamb shanks.
The Scots, Welsh and Irish rebel against the very idea of Britishness and they are free to express racism in terms which would be totally unacceptable in any other context - Welsh Nationalists call the English language "verbal foot and mouth disease"' Scottish Nationalists describe the Union Flag as "an oppressive symbol" or the "butcher's apron".
His main victim was Scottish Nationalist MSP Sandra White whose name was attached to a statement which claimed the majority of Scots refer to the Union Flag as the 'butcher's apron.'
YOU'RE WALKING DOWN A LONDON STREET ONE evening and you spot a man wearing a weird, sci-fi backpack--a humped piece of bottle-green, sparkle-finish fiberglass inset with halved tennis balls and a circular loudspeaker that's chiming out the chords to Lou Reed's "Perfect Day." A female passerby is singing the lyrics (they're flashing up on a video screen in a nearby shopwindow) in a tiny, squeaky, heartfelt voice; watching, fascinated and apparently longing to take a turn, is a pretty young man wearing a butcher's apron and the surly pout of a young Joe Dallesandro.
Look at the concentration on his face as, dressed in a butcher's apron, he works away at his painting.
Based on a real event that took place in Munich, Germany, in the '80s, the play--penned by German playwright Helmut Krausser and first performed in Hamburg in 1994--opens with a young woman who returns home one night to find her boyfriend sporting a leather mask and a bloody butcher's apron, like the villain of the iconic horror series.
Now they are being asked to dress up like a team of pantomime fairies in something which resembles a cross between a butcher's apron, a pair of pyjamas and a Tesco shopping bag.
Old man Elija, his butcher's apron smeared with blood, motioned me to a chair next to him.
An ethnic dress from South Korea for a favorite child, a hand-knit sweater from Italy or Peru, a butcher's apron from France--all can be easily packed into a tote bag or suitcase.
Most viewers knew there would be trouble from the moment that creepy bloke from Breaking Bad (Jesse Plemons) appeared in his butcher's apron.
TOYTOWN: "Esty, don't look now but a bloke in a butcher's apron just walked in.
With that Golden Muzzle experience around the track and wearing the butcher's apron (T6 jacket) he has the look of a real good thing.
Haff of Newton, N.J., lift the butcher's apron off the new brass plaque honoring Holstrom Corner in Drury Square.