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In each of these territories the use of anabolic steroids, and indeed of other medication such as Salix and butazolidin, is forbidden.
Frankel said Empire Maker, treated with a soaking tub and poultice, would race in a ``three-quarters'' shoe designed to reduce pressure on the injured spot and receive the mild painkiller Butazolidin.
Since 1987, Butazolidin has been totally withdrawn from the market, and Vasodilan and Cyclospasmol are no longer mentioned in the Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR).
In the States, we are often criticised for our approach to therapeutic medication, but I tend to support the use of legal substances like Butazolidin (bute) and Lasix (now Salix).
He said the colt has received the mild pain-killer Butazolidin and been fitted with a ``three-quarter'' shoe designed to relieve pressure on the bruise and will be equipped with the medication and the shoe in Saturday's race.