butanoic acid

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an unpleasant smelling fatty acid found especially in butter

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In addition, we found greater transcript levels in liver for all enzymes of butanoate metabolism (such as butyryl Coenzyme A synthetase 1, enoyl Coenzyme A hydratase, hydroxyacyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase, and aldehyde dehydrogenase 1) as well as all five alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) isoforms for metabolizing ethanol and retinol.
In contrast to this, the persistence of the following odorants, methyl butanoate, ethyl butanoate, ethyl 2-methylbutanoate, ethyl hexanoate, methional, hexyl 3-methylbutanoate, 3-methylbutyl acetate, [beta]-damascenone, 2-methoxyphenol, 2-ethyl-4-hydroxy-5-methyl-3(2H)-furanone and ethyl cinnamate was reduced.
Considering the structural differences among the isolated casearins, we suggest that the substituent butanoate at C-18 present in casearin J might have contributed to the higher efficacy among the four tested diterpenoids.
1563 Dehydromatricaria ester * 1563 2412 (E)-Nerolidol 1563 2032 Dendrolasin 1563 2044 Lauric acid 1568 2495 Spatulenol# 1568 2120 Geranyl butanoate 1570 1883 Caryophyllene oxide# 1572 1965 Matricaria lactone * 1578 2584 Dihydronerolidol 1580 2108 Humulene-1,2-epoxide 1580 trans-a-Bisabolene epoxide 1582 2108 NI (7), benzenemethanol, 1595 2324 [alpha]-1-octenyl-?
The investigators found ethyl butanoate, ethyl hexanoate, linalool, 2-heptanone, ionone, 2-heptanol, hexanal, cis-3-hexenol, trans-2-hexenol and furaneol to be the major aroma compounds in Black Diamond.