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Synonyms for lighter

a substance used to ignite or kindle a fire

a flatbottom boat for carrying heavy loads (especially on canals)

transport in a flatbottom boat

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MATERIALS LIST 5 yards 500-denier Cordura Nylon fabric in Max-4 200 feet "Country Brook Design" tan Nylon webbing (available at fabric stores) 2 spools of tan outdoor upholstery thread 25 feet 1/4" elastic shock cord Note: Sewing machine, sewing pins, five needles (size 90 or larger), butane lighter and scissors are also needed.
Purchase a quality all-in-one multi-toot (with pliers, screwdriver, scissors, etc.) and keep it in a large weather-resistant container with a utility knife, duct tape and a long-snout butane lighter (for pilot lights).
Partially-sighted Alaina Bayley used a butane lighter to set fire to her bedclothes while friend and neighbour Michael Dodds was in the next room.
If it's not planned right from start to finish, it will represent the equivalent of lighting up hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of dollars with a butane lighter and watching the money burn.
Gas fuels continue to be associated with the majority of deaths and in 2003 butane lighter fuel accounted for 78 per cent of deaths.
First is the Firebyrd, a cleverly disguised butane lighter holder complete with pocket clip, 1 3/4" drop-point knife blade and a bottle opener.
(; (307) 857-4784) A precision-machined, rubber-armored, refillable, butane lighter complete with its own white LED in the end-cap.
Miss McGovern went on: "The accused then opened her bag and showed Mr Allan a butane lighter fuel gas canister.
Official Government figures show that 259,000 youngsters are getting high on solvents like glue and butane lighter refills - a dramatic reverse of declining figures two years ago.
Cappy added that because "there was a jury question as to whether [Cricket was] negligent in designing a butane lighter that lacked a child-safety device," the plaintiff's negligence claim could go forward.
Kennedy International Airport from Los Angeles was diverted after a man was ''acting strangely'' with a butane lighter, Fox News reported Tuesday.
Another product that has been a hit for the company is its Sportsman Lighter, a windproof, water resistant and refillable butane lighter, he said.
Meanwhile, Hubba technological wizard Oliver Rowen stumbled into a bit of trouble at the Dallas Airport on his way to a friend's wedding Oliver tried to pass through airport security armed with a Lucky butane lighter. No dice; however, his father Russell had just made it through with the exact same lighter in his pocket.
The survey also found that across the country, 46 per cent of shops tested sold knives to children under 16, and 14 per cent of shops sold solvents and butane lighter refills to people under 18.
In addition, I always carry a knife and sharpening stone, extra ammo (about 15 rounds), compass, flashlight and extra batteries, butane lighter, orange flagging tape, bug dope, sunscreen, and some strong twine or parachute cord.