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CAIRO: Minister of Petroleum Abdallah Ghorab told the People's Assembly (PA) Monday that the average citizen does not benefit from the LE 20 billion allocated subsidy for butane gas cylinders due to poor distribution.
Egypt currently imports oil products like diesel and butane gas because the country produces only 50 percent of its butane gas usage and 75 percent of the local consumption of diesel oil, according to public statements by Abdullah Ghorab, minister of petroleum.
Under the plan, the ministry targets producing 3.113 million tons of gasoline, 6.603 million tons of diesel, 481,000 tons of butane gas and some 1.438 million tons of jet fuel.
Butane gas cylinders are typically filled in factories then transported to warehouses.
The four are charged with beating up Ross Hooper, 13, who was sniffing butane gas. But officials at Swansea crown court realised the case would over run the allotted three days.
Butagasco increased the butane gas factories' working hours up to 16 hours in order to meet the demand.
The butane gas will be sold at USD 705 per metric ton by October, a rise of
THE father of a teenager who died after sniffing butane gas last night attacked Hampsay's sentence.
Meanwhile, CEO of the company Alaa El Din Fathi said after the operation of North Abu Qir3 platform, the average daily production of Abu Qir fields rose to 267 million cubic feet of gas, 5,000 oil barrels and 245 tons of butane gas. North Abu Qir3 is the sixth platform owned by the company.
CAIRO: Men and women sit on empty gas cylinders in a queue that extends down the street in the district of Warraq, as they wait for a truck carrying a fresh supply of butane gas.
The corporation pointed out that Butane gas will be sold at a cost of USD
This auto-ignition, light and easy- to-use weed wand uses readily available butane gas cylinders (not included) and, at just pounds 24.99 including p&p, it will really take the strain out of weeding!
The company produced 85,000 tons of butane gas, one million tons of naphtha, 383,000 tons of jet fuel, 1.3 million tons of diesel and 1.8 million tons of fuel oil, Bahgat said, according to a statement from the Ministry of Petroleum.