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Hastada ates, beyaz kure yuksekligi, enfeksiyon bulgulari olmadigindan mevcut tablonun butan gazinin direkt toksik etkisi ile olabilecegi dusunulmustur.
Butan ECB spokesman has confirmed that it remains chief executive David Collier's intention to speak to Modi in London on Wednesday, with a view to assessing the feasibility of stepping in at short notice to salvage the second annual instalment of the high-profile tournament.
10) Se waes cyning ofter eall Ongelcyn butan daem daele be under Dena onwalde waes 'He was king over the whole English people except for that part which was under Danish rule'
Ken Galloway, Paisley, said: "If Nepal were playing Butan at tiddlywinks, I'd bet Gary Lineker would jump out from behind a bush and tell us that England could beat them both.
That is, appalls anyone not yet deceived or corrupted by the Church, which is not simply a building blackened with yesterday's soot butan institution currently black'ning with continued indifference to suffering.
Ulkemizde kullanima sunulan LPG; %70 butan ve %30 propan'dan olusmaktadir (Arayici & digerleri, 2003; Anon, 2004).
11) But if the 'har stan' is a boundary marker, we should rather interpret the text in the light of Law 64 of Ine of Wessex: 'Gif feorcund mon o[eth][eth]e fremde butan wege geond wudu gonge ond ne hrieme ne horn blawe, for [eth]eof he bi[eth] to profianne, o[eth][eth]e to sleanne o[eth][eth]e to aliesanne' ('If a man from distant parts or a foreigner goes off the common path through the woods and neither shouts nor blows a horn, he is to be taken for a thief, either to slay or to ransom').
for pon ic nu sodlice wat paet nan eorolic anweald ne nan gebrosnodlic nys noht butan his anes & swa pa waes geworden purh godes miht .
In a letter to Tony last week Edith told how children are also flowing into Calcutta from Nepal, Butan and Tibet.
PHILIPPINES: At least 21 people died when a passenger bus smashed into a house crowded with mourners attending a wake for a relative in Butan.
He said: "We thought Coventry wanted to promote a more vibrant nightlife and have a chef who specialises in food not only from Bangladesh but also Nepal, Pakistan, India, Butan, Maldives and Sri Lanka.
In my opinion, she's nothing butan unreasonable old woman," he answered.
Her husband Butan Singh had been killed in a gang war in Purnia district years ago.
44) poer ic ne gehyrde butan hlimman sae, iscaldne waeg (The Seafarer) 'There I could here nothing but the roar of the sea, the ice-cold water'
Wagner will produce THE CHOSIN FEW with Marc Butan, president of 2929 Productions, and with Kent Kubena, who is overseeing the development of the project for 2929.