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39) gedeme heonon foro, for laeooe oooe for feohfange, beo se wio pone cingc CXX scyllinga scyldig on Engla lage, butan he mid aoe cyoan durre, paet he hit na rihtor ne cupe...
"I could not be more excited about adult dramas," says Panorama topper Marc Butan. "Five years ago, that area was dead, and now it's what's really working."
Executive producers, Megan Enison, Matt Butan, Bill Johnson, Jim Seibel, Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein, Adi Shankar, Spencer Silna.
The JD-U has also fielded Lesie Singh, widow of ganglord Butan Singh, from the Dhamdaha constituency.
Panorama Media, a new production, financing and international sales entity announced in late April with backing from Megan Ellison's Annapurna Pictures, will be run by Marc Butan and Kimberly Fox, the former Inferno exec who will serve as head of international sales.
Executive producers, Todd Wagner, Mark Cuban, Marc Butan, Rudd Simmons.
Executive producers, Todd Wagner, Mark Cuban, Marc Butan, Charlize Theron, Alisa Tager, Ray Angelic.
"Cannes was a last-minute decision," says 2929's Marc Butan. "We thought we had a stronger film that would play well for European audiences and critics.
Executive producers, Agnes Mentre, Todd Wagner, Mark Cuban, Marc Butan. Co-producers, Mike Upton, Couper Samuelson.