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a gaseous hydrocarbon C4H6

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Type II representatives include poly(butadiene) resins with 65% and 90% vinyl content.
Synthesis of a poly(butadiene)-based coagent with elevated vinyl levels and terminal acrylate functionality is possible due to the availability of high vinyl poly(butadiene) diol precursors.
Methacrylated low vinyl poly(butadiene) materials have been previously reported (refs.
For maximum linking efficiencies, unmodified polymerizations using butadiene monomer in hydrocarbon solvent at relatively low polymerization temperatures is most preferred.
In fact, it has been shown that by capping the sterically hindered isoprenyllithiun3 or styrewllithitun chain ends with one or more butadiene monomer units, the linking reaction involving Si[Cl.sub.4] can be made to be quantitative (refs.
The calculated values of [M.sub.c] and [M'.sub.c] for lithium poly(butadiene) is 5,900 g/mol and 13,800 g/mol, respectively (ref.
(76) Improved processing techniques for hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber compounds through unique compounding practices.
(77) Telechelic poly(butadiene) diacrylate for the radical cure of elastomers.
The region with the fastest demand growth for butadiene is Northeast Asia, says CMA.
Historically, the Middle East has not been a major player in the global butadiene market.