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active work of little value


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[USA], Jan 24 (ANI): Having a busy work schedule that includes long flights, sleep deprivation and the pressures of work can make life stressful and exhausting.
Everything else is busy work. And busy work doesn't make a sale.
"Busy work'' to guys like me was spending half the night on the cold windy bridge of a warship ensuring my shipmates could sleep safely, and being aware that any mistake made by my watch could injure or kill shipmates, civilians or create an international incident.
A survey of 1,000 adults revealed a list of mishaps as they tried to juggle busy work and home lives.
"They think it is a ridiculous piece of busy work." He and other critics say the portfolio requirement hurts morale and moves some promising teachers to leave the profession.
The face-lift includes a business park and warehouse district in a 100-hectare lot built into a neighboring hill, keeping most of the port's busy work away from the water.
As most of us work towards different degrees and certifications, I hear students complaining of "busy work." Remember, when we enter the classroom, it is the instructor who makes the difference between applying something we learn in the classroom or forever forgetting.
In reference to the letter titled "No More Busy Work" (Open Forum, July/August), I am compelled to respond to Ms.
Closure is a busy work that has a darkly lit cast of eight dancers that turns frantic for some undisclosed reason.
This slim volume of memoirs is a very busy work, taking the reader in many directions, sometimes at a galloping pace, but always back to the author, the self-appointed centre of the self-involved universe of the drug- drenched sixties.
28 (ANI): Putting their busy work schedules aside, Jennifer Aniston and her husband Justin Theroux are spending some quality time together in Mexico this New Year's weekend.
Basically, we have 1.4 million people serving at this time, many of whom are doing busy work to keep us ready for fighting multiple wars at the same time.
An insider said: "James decided to get a bit of colour ahead of a busy work schedule.