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active work of little value


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Closure is a busy work that has a darkly lit cast of eight dancers that turns frantic for some undisclosed reason.
This slim volume of memoirs is a very busy work, taking the reader in many directions, sometimes at a galloping pace, but always back to the author, the self-appointed centre of the self-involved universe of the drug- drenched sixties.
4 million people serving at this time, many of whom are doing busy work to keep us ready for fighting multiple wars at the same time.
But beyond the cleverness of its design, this busy work for large orchestra offers attractive colors, engaging harmonies and a marvelous concluding crescendo.
WORD SEARCH Finally, of somewhat less magnitude but still a valid pet peeve, is the practice of offering students extra credit for busy work.
Busy work environment, no problem, your BlackBerry handset is ready to go.
David Ceci, the bank's vice president for marketing and public relations, said the branch's hours were designed to accommodate the needs of today's busy work force.
I think the major issue is it's the middle of a busy work time, not summer vacation.
Then, at the end of the day, I had to waste time manually categorizing and moving my data around all that busy work was a huge waste of time and all of my work was contained in these single purpose applications and a lot of times I couldn't find it or get my hands on it when and where I needed it.