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United States comedian and actor in silent films noted for his acrobatic skills and deadpan face (1895-1966)

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It really was a special experience to see the antics of the legendary Buster Keaton while listening to Davis's music, beautifully played by the CBSO, particularly in the main feature, The General, lasting 76 minutes.
It's there that he meets Buster Keaton, and the rest of the summer and many summers after are filled with fun, frolicking and practical jokes.
Adding sound to movies would be like putting lipstick on the Venus de Milo," she once said, while Buster Keaton observed: "Silence is of the gods; only monkeys chatter.
I understand there is a connection with Buster Keaton and Huddersfield.
A Donald O'Connor played him in The Buster Keaton Story (1957).
Comedy incarnate; Buster Keaton, physical humor, and bodily coping.
There's a lot of comedy bits that are definitely very slapstickish, but then there's a lot of physical comedy and some elements of Buster Keaton, so I think we've got some good stuff," adds Day.
GREAT comics inexcusably missing from The Comedians' Comedian included: Max Miller, Frankie Howerd, Dave Allen, Lee Evans (right), Jerry Seinfeld, Jasper Carrott, Buster Keaton, Benny Hill.
He thought that Hollywood would recognize Lincoln Perry's brilliance at creating Stepin Fetchit and, indeed, reward him with the kind of salary and roles they gave Will Rogers, Wallace Berry, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Eddie Cantor, etc.
Of course, Sechas's Siegfried could be a slapstick character by Tex Avery, Charlie Chaplin, or Buster Keaton.
British war poet Robert Graves was born, along with Buster Keaton and comedian and actor Groucho Marx.
The General USA, 1926 Buster Keaton, Clyde Bruckmann, Eddie Cline
As his conscious and unconscious worlds collapse into each other, Gus becomes a bewildered bundle of uncertainty, an unsteady amalgam of Buster Keaton and almost any Samuel Beckett character.
We have two great classic comedy DVDs free for every reader - Buster Keaton Vol 1 and The Charlie Chaplin Collection Vol 1, each crammed with hilarious stories from two of the greatest comics of all time