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large heavy-bodied chiefly terrestrial game bird capable of powerful swift flight

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Objectives: The LIFE+ project will increase the population of great bustards on Salisbury Plain by extending the reintroduction programme to support the establishment of a self-sustaining population over the longer term.
With only a maximum of 81,000 of these bustards alive in the world, the future looked bleak - unless a solution could be found.
Besides, it would be important to keep on radar two other birds, houbara bustard and the peregrine and saker falcons, that are found in Tharparkar, and are under continuous and unabated hunting expeditions by local and foreign influentials.
It also represents a significant step forward in IFHC's global programme for conserving the endangered Houbara bustard.
The first female bustard in Britain in modern times to produce avian offspring was given the rhyming name Custard (Bustard) and her chicks have been named Rhubarb and Crumble.
As well as the Dorset sightings, great bustards from the Salisbury Plain group have been spotted in France.
SIX of the 28 Great Bustards reintroduced to Britain last summer are still surviving in the wild.
He added that, considering the 80 per cent infant mortality rate for bustards in the wild, he was happy with the results
Great bustards are omnivorous and include seeds, insects, moles and rats in their diet.
He is estimating the number of great bustards that are wintering in this area.
Data from Mars-bar-sized satellite transmitters attached to bustards, together with that from aerial surveys, bird atlases and mail surveys, are being overlaid on continental rainfall patterns, land condition indices, fire history patterns and management regimes to establish a picture of the bustard's movements and distribution over time.
There are now only two left in the country - but the chances of them producing wee Bustards are slim.
Prince Fahd had hunted over 2,100 houbara bustards during his three-week long safari a couple of years ago.
It urged the court to restrain the government from issuing hunting permits for bustards until December 2018.