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large heavy-bodied chiefly terrestrial game bird capable of powerful swift flight

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Theme one is centred around illegal vs legal trading of Houbara bustards. Activities within this theme are designed to raise awareness that trading and hunting are regulated.
In January, a driver was arrested at Al Darah border, the UAE's northern crossing with Oman, as he attempted to smuggle in 12 houbara bustards.
"The release location in Pakistan was handpicked to give the bustards the best chance of rejoining their migratory route and we thank our conservation partners in Pakistan for their fast response and professionalism in helping the Fund release the rescued bustards."
Around 2,000 birds of the endangered houbara bustard species are being bred annually by the external natural protectorates office, a source at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) has told local Arabic daily Arrayah.
Another member of Qatari royal family Sheikh Faisal bin Nasser bin Hammad Al-Thani has been allowed to hunt houbara bustards in Qila Saifullah district, including Kakar Khurasan and Qamar Din Karez.
The exact number of houbara bustards in Pakistan remains unknown.
LAHORE -- The process of taking fees from the foreign hunters willing to hunt houbara bustard in Pakistan has been restored with an objective to use the revenue for the development of the remote areas.
Summary: Quetta (Balochistan) [Pakistan], Dec 03 (ANI): Balochistan authorities have issued a special permit to a Qatari prince allowing him to hunt the internationally-protected houbara bustard in the province.
While Government approved the guidelines, as authorities given special permits to allow Qatari Royal prince to hunt internationally protected houbara bustards in Balochistan.
The Houbara bustards which is also known as Mac Queen's bustard or Asian bustard is commonly known all over the world especially in Pakistan, where it has already been placed in the endangered species list.
Comparison of circulating iron, total iron binding capacity, and percent transferrin saturation in wild and captive kori bustards (Ardeotis kori).
Disappearance due to changesDrastic changes in agricultural methods, such as using chemical substances, establishing large-area monocrops and growing unsuitable crops, brought the decrease of the nesting population to a complete disappearance, added Slobodnik.Besides that, in the second half of the last century, electric networks started to cross the countryside in the flight trajectory of bustards that resulted in no known nesting of bustards since 2000."This beautiful bird disappeared from Zitny ostrov as well as from Nitrianska pahorkatina and other areas," said Slobodnik for SITA.
To have Kori Bustards living so close to a major city is unique.
Saudi Prince Fahd had has been visits Balochistan between December and January for hunting and spends weeks in hunting houbara bustards in the area.
(TAP) -- Tataouine' Forest Services arrested two Emiratis, two Pakistanis and one Bangladeshi while illegally hunting bustards using hawks and 4 wheel-drive cars in the desert.