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Synonyms for bus

the topology of a network whose components are connected by a busbar

a car that is old and unreliable

send or move around by bus

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ride in a bus

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remove used dishes from the table in restaurants

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(108.) Bussen, supra note 15, at 511 (recommending against enforcement of passive bribery because it intrudes on sovereignty).
Schaafijs & wilde bussen: Straatkunst in Suriname, by Tammo Schuringa, Paul Faber & Chandra van Binnendijk (Amsterdam: KIT Publishers, 2010, paper 19.50 [euro]) presents wonderful color images and intelligent text about Suriname's lively street art--wall painting but also, and particularly, the pictures painted on the ubiquitous shaved-ice carts and on mini-buses.
Ja, noch, wenn es sich selber befiehlt: auch da noch muss es sein Befehlen bussen. Seinem eignen Gesetz muss es Richter und Opfer werden.
Survivors include two sons, Ben of Portland and Craig of Noti; a daughter, Jenise Carter of Hyderabad, India; three sisters, Iris Bussen of Richmond, Ind., Glenda Olive of Centerville, Ind., and Donna Bronenberg of Leesburg, Ind.; a brother, James Lockwood of Richmond, Ind.; and eight grandchildren.
Bussen, 2003, "Lead concentrations, Isotope ratios, and source apportionment in road deposited sediments, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii".
Now aspiring brides-to-be have a new resource for ideas and examples for creating their own wedding day plans in "Simple Stunning Bride: Celebrating Your Style All the Way to the Big Day", a 128-page and profusely illustrated compendium of pertinent information by professional wedding planner Karen Bussen. "Simple Stunning Bride" begins with invaluable and practical advice on getting stated; wedding traditions and roles, 'staying sane' during the process; the dress and accessories; fitness; beauty (drawing upon advice by celebrity artists); and the actual wedding day itself.
Nathan Bussen, graduate student at Kentucky State University, for help with preparing the tables.
(91) Das Koniglich Preussische, 47 (etwa 50 Personen fur den Uberfall mit dem Leben bussen mussen).
* Twee treinen arriveren [begin strikethrough]nu[end strikethrough] en [begin strikethrough]twee[end strikethrough] bussen vertrekken nu
IS failure (1) has been observed and documented in various articles (Barker and Frolick, 2003; Beresford et al., 1976; Bostrom and Heinen, 1977; Bussen and Michael, 1997; Heeks, 2002; Kay et al., 1999; Kaye, 1990; Keil and Robey, 2001, Mitev, 1994).
"He stands as a pillar of gay theology," said Jim Bussen, a former national president of Dignity USA.
Miller spokesman Scott Bussen said the company started with a broad wish list, but its choices were limited to Rolling Stone covers.
(28) Man denke beispielsweise an die Stelle, wo Carsten zu Heinrich sagt: "Ich bin weit mit dir gegangen, Heinrich; [...] Ich gehe nun nicht weiter [...]--Wir bussen Beide dann fur eigene Schuld" (515).