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a boot reaching halfway up to the knee

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One box with six books, four canes, one saber, two American bayonets, one pair hazel-colored buskins, one Japanese bathrobe, two boxes with 20 handkerchiefs, six khaki mambisas (does this refer to the uniforms or attire of Cuban independence soldiers or mambises?), two khaki pants, one pair pantalon de montar (jodphurs) one wool suit, one wool americana, wool pants, eight white pants, seven white americanas, 17 shirt collars, 12 shirts, five pillow cases, two camisas de chino, two wool socks, and a Kalasiao hat.
The colored watered silk, the jeweled gloves, the red slippers (buskins) pointed to an individual caught up in a church office.
The bills show payments for satin and other fabrics, for fans and plumes of feathers, for buskins, and for embroidery.
Shammy Buskins has also been in decent form this spring, and deserves his moment back in the spotlight in the Claydon Horse exercisers Handicap Chase at Stratford.
NAOMI MATTHEW: 2.15 Carter, 2.45 Just Mossie, 3.15 Shammy Buskins, 3.50 Bon Spiel, 4.25 Consulate, 4.55 Spock, 5.25 Cowbridge.
CHELTENHAM: 2.10 Bold Addition, 2.45 Shammy Buskins, 3.20 Made In Time, 3.55 Holmwood Legend, 4.30 Whispering Jack, 5.05 Adams Island, 5.40 Owen Glendower.
Their in-depth research reports are at the GRACE website (3) and synthesized in the 17 chapters of the book, African Women & ICTs: Investigating Technology, Gender and Empowerment (Buskins & Webb, 2009).
There is plenty of valuable summer jumping action on offer at Stratford and Newton Abbot and a chance is taken on Shammy Buskins at the former.
Shammy Buskins would have won with a clearer run, but he should make no mistake in the Claydon Horse Exercisers Handicap Chase.
Shammy Buskins can score in the Claydon Horse Exercisers Handicap Chase at Stratford.
I keepe my old course, to palter vp some thing in Prose, vsing mine old poesie still, Omne tulit punctum, although latelye two Gentlemen Poets, made two mad men of Rome beate it out of their paper bucklers: & had it in derision, for that I could not make my verses iet vpon the stage in tragicall buskins, euerie worde filling the mouth like the faburden of Bo-Bell, daring God out of heauen with that Atheist Tamburlan, or blaspheming with the mad preest of the sonne: but let me rather openly pocket vp the Asse at Diogenes hand: then wantonlye set out such impious instances of intollerable poetrie, such mad and scoffing poets, that haue propheticall spirits as bred of Merlins race, if there be anye in England that set the end of scollarisme in an English blanck verse.
This paper argues that Dracontius' aim was rather to be innovative in transferring a myth more traditionally treated in drama to another genre, as highlighted in his invocation to the muse of tragedy, Melpomene, to descend from the tragic buskins and to exchange iambics for dactylics (13-14).
WORCESTER: 5.40 Early Wings, 6.15 Converti, 6.50 Shammy Buskins, 7.20 Axango, 7.50 Star Of Germany, 8.20 Go Amwell, 8.50 War Party.