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a boot reaching halfway up to the knee

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Just as Milton's poems combine the comedian's 'sock' (L'Allegro, 132) and the 'buskined' (Il Penseroso, 102) stage of tragedy, so Mercutio's friends think he is still joking even when he is mortally wounded.
But O with what difficulty would even Heraclitus himself, if only he were alive, restrain his laughter, if by chance the gods being willing, he could perceive these little speakers here, whom a short time ago he might have heard spouting in the buskined Orestes of Euripedes, or more bombastically in the Hercules ragtag towards his death; at length their very slender supply of some little words being exhausted, parade in measured step with hautiness laid aside, or crawl slowly off like certain little animals with their horns drawn in.