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play music in a public place and solicit money for it

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You get all sorts of music on so many different instruments, like the Philharmonic, There is rock 'n' roll, jazz, the blues, and even opera singers going supersonic, Some of the buskers sound so professional; but then some could make you cry, Outstanding of all is the blind man, playing electric guitar, what a talented guy, These people are out in all sorts of weather, and usually they are there all day, You have to admire their courage, giving their all for such a meagre pay day, Would you have the courage to stand there alone and sing to loads of strangers?
Durham is a beautiful city and a welcoming place for buskers and musicians, with lots of visitors who enjoy the music on offer.
It's not all bad news for buskers though as Fine Gael's motion to outlaw all amplified street performers across Dublin was defeated by 44 votes to nine, with one abstention.
Police explained he was moved because he had no documents confirming he was authorised to be a busker and was selling CDs without the necessary certificate.
2 buskers performing in Melbourne and Sydney (137) (n=24, with 12 interviews in each city).
I think music fans and buskers from Huddersfield will be able to resonate with the film.
That's what will happen in Lawrence on the last weekend of May as the Busker Festival partners with the Art Tougeau Art Car Parade.
According to Festival Director Glen Pickering, the buskers are returning to the Arts Centre for the first time since the Canterbury earthquakes, reports (http://www.
Leaflets from Birmingham City Council were given to buskers on Saturday banning them from High Street, Rotunda Square, New Street, Stephenson Street, Victoria Square, Chamberlain Square and Centenary Square.
Finance convener Willie Young said: "Buskers will be protected and the difference between a beggar and a busker is one of the things our legal officers would look to determine.
Toronto Pearson's airport gates were reminiscent of busy city streets, featuring performances from buskers around the world on Monday, airport executives said.
CHESTER is holding its first Battle of the Buskers Competition next month, with the winner set to secure a paid gig at Alexander's Jazz Theatre in the city, as well as another paid out of town gig and gift vouchers.
In a bid to get more people using public transport for longer trips the Champions enlisted the help of Arriva Trains Wales to provide the perfect stage for buskers to entertain the commuting crowds between Swansea and Cardiff.
Buskers, break-dancers, stilt-walking jazz musicians, giant cuddly-toys and reverse-bungee jumps for the brave were just some of the attractions on offer at the 2009 Grand Prix.
WORLD BUSKERS FESTIVAL: Someday New Zealand will be famous not only as the land where they shoot fantasy films.