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a worker who routes shipments for distribution and delivery

(computer science) a device that forwards data packets between computer networks

a power tool with a shaped cutter

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Steven Roper, Associate in the Commercial team at Ward Hadaway, said: We are delighted to once again be linking up with Gateshead Business Network to offer its members access to high quality, commercially-focused legal advice which addresses the issues which they encounter in their daily business.
Companies from any sector are eligible to apply for the awards once they register for free on the Green Business Network at www.
The bulk of the rest of the book is devoted to a step-by step guide to implementing an adaptive business network, using the fictitious example of Soft-Drink Company, and its long suffering employees, Dana, Marty and Joan.
The PointCast Business Network Real Estate Insider will provide news on a national and local scale, sales and leasing news, market data, technology updates, trends and perspectives, events and conferences, and marketing information.
Unlike traditional B2B or connectivity solutions, The E2open Business Network offers a secure, cloud-based platform that facilitates partner integration and process orchestration with the flexibility and scalability of the cloud.
The QZ Business Network is a professional networking organization which focuses on the creation of personal business networks for each of its individual chapter members.
The Visa Business Network builds on that by providing small businesses with networking capabilities that will help to grow their business, get support to manage it more effectively.
The Small Business Network of America, LLC (SBNOA) is a national membership association of small businesses that uses its group buying power to negotiate discounts and rebates on behalf of its members.
By integrating Ipanema's Business Network Optimization system, we add an application aware approach to our ability to manage network performance that further differentiates us from the Asset-based carriers," said John Locke, CTO, Vanco.
StrikeIron is the leader in the commercialization of web services through the StrikeIron Web Services Marketplace, which is available as part of the StrikeIron Web Services Business Network.
Nasdaq:GRIC), a leading provider of secure managed virtual business network services, today announced that La Petite Academy, one of the largest privately-held early childhood education and care companies in the United States, has extended an agreement to use GoRemote solutions through 2007 to securely connect over 650 locations and hundreds of remote employees.
To confront these challenges head-on, Georgia-Pacific began devising a blueprint to incorporate secure process control segments that are attached to the business networks, but offer a safe and secure environment in which to operate process control networks.
This new edition of Managing Business Relationships aims to help managers and students understand the reality of business networks and how to manage in them.
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