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Synonyms for memorandum

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Synonyms for memorandum

a brief record written as an aid to the memory

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Synonyms for memorandum

a written proposal or reminder

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Johnson's writing style is straightforward though a bit dry rather like reading a series of grandfatherly letters of advice or a pile of business memos. He does pepper the mix with quotations from Margaret Mead Bill Clinton George Bernard Shaw and his personal favorite Albert Einstein which liven up the prose.
Whether it involves checking daily news reports, reading e-mails, receiving business memos or babysitting online stocks, WiFi Internet soon may become as commonplace as cellular phones.
Unfortunately, I'm unable to confirm that Sir Geoff uses the codename Jackal on business memos.
Business memos sent by people who intended them to be read and destroyed have become the basis for libel.
Finally, university memos may be more carefully crafted than the business memos if the writers believe that readers might be more critical of writing techniques.