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a visitor to whom hospitality is extended

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That duty arises only when a landowner's knowledge of the danger is superior to that of a business invitee.
The court went on to state that "[i]f the legislature had wished to include areas like [the area at issue], to which members of the public have access only as business invitees or licensees, within the penal prohibitions of [section] 24, it would have been appropriate for it to have made a clear and specific provision to this effect.
Kapila Chandrasena, CEO of Sri Lankan Airlines, and business invitees from Sri Lanka.
The duty or the standard of care owed to business invitees is higher than that owed to licensees and trespassers.
In contrast, property managers often have a duty concerning common area maintenance and business invitees using common areas.
Under the agreement, a Joint Intergovernmental Commission on Economic, Industrial, Scientific and Technical Cooperation is to be established, and will be composed of representatives of relevant government entities and business invitees.
Even more disturbing is the court's ruling that in the absence of any lease provision regarding liability for criminal acts, it is the landlord's sole responsibility for keeping the common areas safe for the tenant's business invitees.
65) The plaintiff filed a negligence action alleging the defendant breached its duty to "exercise reasonable care, provide safe premises, and protect its business invitees on the premises from assault.
The Court of Claims concluded that the plaintiffs wee business invitees of the hospital.
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