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Synonyms for etiquette

Synonyms for etiquette

socially correct behavior

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rules governing socially acceptable behavior

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Other students like Khalifa who are graduating this year received training in team management, problem solving, interview techniques, communication at workplace and business etiquette.
They also including tips on business etiquette in foreign countries, a guide to buying and presenting business gifts and the right way to present a business card in Japan.
A KIRKLEES company forging strong links with China is getting a lesson in business etiquette.
In addition, the technology incubator will offer assistance with advisory boards and mentors, business etiquette, commercialising technology, and identifying management teams.
No one is saying educational qualifications are not important but today's corporate India also gives a lot of weightage to business etiquette, body language and image management.
The agenda will include an overview of the UAE's culture, religious influences as well as social and business etiquette with tips and recommendations.
The topics that the Dubai Export Academy intends to conduct in 2010 include Negotiating Skills for Exporters, Brazilian Public Bidding Opportunities, Export Opportunities in Saudi Arabia, Selling Skills for Exporters, Export Opportunities in Egypt, Business Etiquette and Culture for Foreign Markets, and Customer Care for Export Success amongst others.
The students will also work closely with BIC teams to learn the basics of business etiquette and develop their communication skills in a professional work environment.
BUSINESS ETIQUETTE IS MORE THAN how best to resolve office conflicts.
Courses in Business Fundamentals provide instruction in basic business skills and knowledge related to economic fundamentals, management, communications, finance, human relations, career development, ethics, and business etiquette.
The challenge is to "put your best foot forward" by observing business etiquette when communicating with prospective employers in writing and in person.
DON'T TAKE THE LAST DONUT: NEW RULES OF BUSINESS ETIQUETTE is an important pick for any who would understand the protocols of business, from making a proper business introduction and creating a good first impression to handling small talk, conferences, and email.
International Business Wales will assist new and experienced Welsh exporters to maximise this opportunity through market research, introductions and business etiquette.
I asked Pam Chambers, one of Hawaii's top corporate trainers in customer service, presentations and business etiquette.
Speaking to 150 aspiring engineers seated at tables covered in white linens and fine china, Shutt suggested that, although the students may have the technical skills to become innovators of the future, they will have a tough time landing their dream jobs at upper-tier engineering firms without developing some business etiquette skills.
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