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a telephone directory or section of a directory (usually printed on yellow paper) where business products and services are listed alphabetically by field along with classified advertising

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Anyone can use the Brownbook platform to launch their own business directory -- be it local, national, international or in a vertical market.
The deadline for companies to be listed in the North East Chamber of Commerce's (NECC) North East Regional Business Directory, produced in partnership with Imprint Publishing, is Tuesday, September 30, and businesses are being urged to act now to avoid missing out.
The business directory is presented in an easy-to-browse international format with the option of checking company listings by category or classification.
The business directory is aimed at encouraging people to buy from local businesses.
All charities, good causes and local voluntary groups will also be able to list for free on the Business Directory and edit the Events Calendar.
Businesses in Rhondda Cynon Taf can now have a free entry in the online business directory on the council's website.
Finally, the UBRT Business Directory contains thousands and thousands of business-to-business contacts for the entire region.
Local traders have received letters that look like an official invoice for their details to be placed in a business directory contained on a website and CD-ROM.
Commenting on this new development, AET's business directory for holographic films, Marty Aleksis, said: 'AET offers most designs in a shimless format and package designers who have avoided holography because of shim lines can now take advantage of this eye catching point of purchase technology.'
"But we have a strong working relationship with Advanstar and LIMA." Indeed, LIMA endorses EPM's licensing business directory.
The Finnish business directory specialist Findexa Oy said on Friday (7 November) that it had signed a contract to acquire the business operations of the Finnish companies Helsingin Publicatio Oy and Suomen Tuoteuutiset-Mediat Oy.
The latest version speeds up directory implementation, cutting the execution time for an LDAP business directory project by a factor between 5 and 20.
The site's no-fee business directory will also serve investors and real estate professionals as a new resource for the industry.
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