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a telephone directory or section of a directory (usually printed on yellow paper) where business products and services are listed alphabetically by field along with classified advertising

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There are very few online business directories in New Zealand which currently have a review/rating structure for its members.
While there are other free business directories to choose from, most of these are low quality.
Do care about the aim of business directories to give the owners a chance of getting products and business out there so people know and recognize it.
With prices starting at $49, the business directories can be downloaded in three formats; Adobe pdf, MS Excel, and comma-delimited format.
The MediaBrains Business Directory Network continues to expand, and currently includes more than 110 business directories spanning 21 vertical markets.
This exclusive alliance with Newsweek solidifies DirectoryM as the leading provider of branded business directories through its growing partner network of prominent online publications," said Blair Heavey, CEO of DirectoryM.
Interchange Corporation (NASDAQ:INCX), a leading provider of local and national paid-search services in the United States and Europe, today announced that it is powering the local business directories of eight additional newspapers owned by Morris Publishing Group, a subsidiary of Morris Communications Company, LLC.
July 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Rich's Northern California Business Directories today announced the offering of its Southern California high tech company directory.
This transaction combines our advanced local-search technologies with BDLocal's convenient online directory site to create one of the most comprehensive local business directories on the Web today," said Heath Clarke, Interchange CEO.
EUROPAGES, The European Business Directory, is the reference in European business directories, bringing together 500,000 companies selected for their import-export dynamism from different business sectors in 33 countries.
Through our regional online business directories and suite of e-commerce applications, we are enabling these media outlets to position themselves as the preferred portals for their local markets.
The resulting surge in publicity for the chamber will now be complemented by the exposure generated as a member of one of the largest online business directories in the state.
Using the Oregon Business Directories new POWER SEARCH(TM) feature, Internet users can quickly search through business listings using up to nine different search criteria, including zip code, city and street.
These sites, along with company directories like The Gale Research Group's Encyclopedia of Business Information Sources and Moody's Business Directories, can also help design firms uncover potential client leads.
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