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a telephone directory or section of a directory (usually printed on yellow paper) where business products and services are listed alphabetically by field along with classified advertising

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The TRY US National Minority and Women-Owned Business Directories are now available from its publisher, Diversity Information Resources Inc., at
The site includes an events calendar with online ticketing, entertainment and dining guides, community Web sites and publishing tools, classified products, comprehensive professional and prep sports coverage, an online shopping mall with business directories, local news, today's St.
In addition, other fraudulent promoters are soliciting advertising for online, alternative or non-existent Yellow Pages business directories. To help combat these practices, the FTC has issued free publications titled Website Woes: Avoiding Web Service Scams and When Yellow Pages Invoices Are Bogus.
Online business directories replaced the need for business magazines and newspaper classifieds to advertise products among users.
CQ Press (Washington, D.C.) has acquired 11 legal and business directories in two separate deals.
This lot claim to be producing business directories and are sending demands for pounds 430.
Some chambers also publish business directories or offer discounts on travel and insurance programs (see sidebar, "Your Benefits Package").
Such problems can be solved by using as many online business directories as possible.
LA4ll Publishing is a provider of business directories, online services and e-commerce applications targeting the film and television production industries.
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