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a telephone directory or section of a directory (usually printed on yellow paper) where business products and services are listed alphabetically by field along with classified advertising

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With prices starting at $49, the business directories can be downloaded in three formats; Adobe pdf, MS Excel, and comma-delimited format.
net), will utilize Interchange's local-search platform to power their online local business directories.
This gives AT&T Wireless customers access to one of the most recognized online business directories when and where they need information, anywhere in the U.
He continued, "We looked at several internet business to business directories but none could come close to the coverage, accessibility and quality we found with TRADEAttache.
The resulting surge in publicity for the chamber will now be complemented by the exposure generated as a member of one of the largest online business directories in the state.
These sites, along with company directories like The Gale Research Group's Encyclopedia of Business Information Sources and Moody's Business Directories, can also help design firms uncover potential client leads.
With the explosive growth in the Internet, local newspaper advertisers are demanding advertising exposure in local on-line business directories," said Peter Ribeiro, President & CEO of Indexonly.
Eniro's portfolio includes local, regional and business directories.
National Register Publishing (NRP), a leading publisher of authoritative business directories, today announced that it has completed an agreement with Experian's information services unit in which NRP will provide Experian with components of one of its most powerful business-to-business databases.
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