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Synonyms for etiquette

Synonyms for etiquette

socially correct behavior

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rules governing socially acceptable behavior

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As specialists in their field they can offer tailor- made advice about their local market as well as providing a valuable insight into the cultural and business customs of their respective countries.
Regarding Gesteland's objective and targeted audience, he states in the Introduction that Cross-Cultural Business Behavior "is intended as a practical guide for the men and women in the front lines of world trade, those who face every day the frustrating differences in global business customs and practices" (9).
* UNDERSTANDING BUSINESS CUSTOMS before commencing a forensic investigation in another country will help an investigating CPA.
A free brochure about German business customs and practices is available from Messe Dusseldorf North America at 312-781-5180.
Leary says she fell in love with Japanese culture and was intrigued by the business customs. As president and CEO of The Leary Group Inc.
Similarly, when local business customs differ from those in the U.S., U.S.
Foreign nationals who invest in regulated industries in the United States are subject to United States laws and are not entitled to special treatment reflecting their differing "business customs and practices." As one federal court put it, the argument that nationality can act as a predicate for different standards for BHC Act liability is "beyond frivolous." Interamericas Investments, Ltd., 111 E3d at 384.
Latino market alone, there are immigrants from more than 20 Latin American countries, each with its own distinct heritage and social and business customs that an effective niche marketing program must be aware of and address.
Winkelman visited industrial and retail centers, studied Japanese business customs and met with the heads of several Japanese firms, including Mazda and Nissho Iwai, a major trading and manufacturing company.
Having on board those who know the language, the culture, and the business customs is crucial to the success of the subsidiary.
To be effective and avoid being seen as a "roadblock," compliance needs to make an investment in understanding international business customs, traditions, laws, and challenges.
The Royal Bank of Scotland's invoice finance team has the in-house expertise to chase an invoice in the language of the debtor and to collect money owed according to local business customs.
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