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Synonyms for etiquette

Synonyms for etiquette

socially correct behavior

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rules governing socially acceptable behavior

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In my experience, the Japanese have very particular business customs.
Before commencing an investigation in another country, it helps to understand regional business customs.
A free brochure about German business customs and practices is available from Messe Dusseldorf North America at 312-781-5180.
Leary says she fell in love with Japanese culture and was intrigued by the business customs.
Similarly, when local business customs differ from those in the U.
Latino market alone, there are immigrants from more than 20 Latin American countries, each with its own distinct heritage and social and business customs that an effective niche marketing program must be aware of and address.
We have developed certain nuances in our event management, with respect to each individual country's cultural and business customs, including those in the USA, most likely to attract the best qualified executive sales prospects.
Social and business customs do not differ greatly from those in the rest of Europe and negotiations are as likely to be carried out over lunch or dinner as they are in the office.
Internal audit support, such as reconciliation of specialized accounts; valuation, disclosure and Environmental Protection Agency compliance issues for certain types of inventory; and reconciliation of foreign accounts where business customs pose review problems.
despite having had only seven years of education in his native land and only limited knowledge of English and of American business customs.
The international arena is attracting curiosity seekers, but serious exporters must do their homework and learn about foreign currency, international transactions and business customs before seeking capital, advises Steve Johnson, MEGA Center administrator.
enVista's dedicated European supply chain consulting team will provide the same supply chain expertise, but will also bring invaluable firsthand experience with local cultures, languages, business customs, and regulations that vary from Scandinavia to Iberia.
Experian issues various types of reports using its in-depth data analysis and sophisticated corporate risk analysis that take into account the characteristics and business customs of different countries.
Taking advantage of global opportunities requires a solid, on-the-ground knowledge of the business customs, regulations and needs of a particular region, according to IH Systems Chief Executive Officer, Kevin McGarry.
Schuster (marketing, California State University) and Copeland, a retired human resources manager at a multinational corporation, offer a framework for understanding and adapting to local business customs in different countries.
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