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Synonyms for etiquette

Synonyms for etiquette

socially correct behavior

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rules governing socially acceptable behavior

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It is encouraging to note, however, that ALECS members always or sometimes suggest that it would be useful to gain business culture information.
There's a revolution afoot, and a new business culture spreading.
The elaborate and highly integrated design process conducted by BA at Waterside has deliberately linked decisions about the physical environment with inventing a new business culture intended to motivate people and to make the best possible use of information technology.
Now Spencer Green is looking to tap into the sophisticated metropolitan business culture of Miami and develop his next generation of business leaders.
As we become more of an information-based business culture, he said, the need for quality information intensifies and it is important to be near the source.
ViaSat has a technology and business culture where our business and people can thrive, and there are many opportunities for us to successfully grow our business while also applying our talents to give ViaSat products an additional advantage in the marketplace," said Michael Slygh, president of ICT.
No other event guides participants in identifying, synthesizing and infusing key virtual worlds trends, behaviors and technologies into their business culture and organization.
Hertzler Systems Has Released a New White Paper Describing the Contribution That Technology and Data Systems Can Make towards Transforming Business Culture
Since the first edition of this highly regarded book was published in 2000 the pace of change has accelerated because of the influence of digitisation and technological developments in general, the emergence of what might be called a business culture, changes in skills and knowledge requirements, and changes in user and personnel attitudes.
Co-author of the first-ever book on the American business culture (Working with Americans, (c) Prentice Hall), Allyson is a regular contributor to the international business media, including CNN, BBC, USA Today, Newsweek, Business Week, Les Echos, Bloomberg, Financial Times, Sky News, Wall Street Journal, Marketing Magazine as well as major daily newspapers.
The Eastern Technology Council, an association representing more than 600 technology and life sciences companies, provides a business culture that embraces start-ups and established companies by promoting, supporting, growing, and funding, and rewarding entrepreneurial activities in the region in an effort to promote growth and successful businesses.
Their core team members have been working together for more than 20 years, developing a strong mentoring and collaborative business culture with proven capabilities in diverse fields, including new product definition and realization, computer and enterprise software architecture, software and protocol architecture, software design and development, quality assurance, software and system testing, technical and user documentation, and customer service.
The World's Business Cultures and How to Unlock Them
Risk-aware business cultures are establishing risk programs, measurement and management of risks across the enterprise landscape.
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