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Sicat said the promotion of disaster resilience and business continuity was done in compliance with a directive for a "strong push" ordered by DOST Undersecretary for disaster risk reduction and climate change Renato Solidum Jr.
The Department of Energy organised several workshops in September and December 2018 to discuss the challenges facing the "Business Continuity Management Programme", as well as draft regulations for the continuity of the energy sector.
Technologies such as the Internet of Things, Industrial Automation, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, are aiding the oil and gas industry to improve their ability to mitigate incidents, decrease downtimes, and consequently streamline business continuity.
UAE telecoms operator Du will also present a paper titled 'the importance of business continuity in a response system'.
Effective Business Continuity Management (BCM) at any organization depends on becoming competent in the discipline, while demonstrating evidence of due process.
This normally involves training people to become competent in all technical and management aspects of BCM, running and improving a business continuity management system and having documentary evidence of all plans, processes and procedures.
It said retailers risked reputation and financial costs by not investing in business continuity and disaster recovery planning.
The best strategy for keeping your company afloat in the wake of a disruptive event, therefore, is to have a Business Continuity Plan in place.
The BCI (Business Continuity Institute) as the world's leading institute for business continuity, recognises the outstanding contribution of business continuity organisations operating in the Middle East.
More than three quarters of manufacturing firms (77 percent) report increasing supply chain complexity as the fastest-growing risk in business continuity, with malicious attacks via the internet (68 percent), and increased regulatory scrutiny (58 percent) taking second and third place.
Abu Dhabi: The UAE has launched a revised business continuity management standard to ensure organisations across the country continue operating throughout any emergency, a senior official said yesterday.
A three-day programme covered the main concepts of Business Continuity Standard ISO22301:2012, while the topic of a separate two-day training programme was Internal Auditing against Business Continuity Management System.
While this number may seem low, it highlights the challenge businesses face of balancing the potential risks and losses with the investments required to effectively deploy a business continuity solution.
Deloitte Middle East has been announced as the Business Continuity Provider of the Year for the Middle East by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI).
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