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a service industry that provides advice to those in charge of running a business

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The business consultant said what they deemed to be a challenge could be an opportunity for their fellow beneficiaries hence the need to work together.
The South African businessman on a visit to Dubai, met the 34-year-old Pakistani business consultant for setting up a company to trade in gold and other metals in 2015.
I'm not saying that you shouldn't have ideas about what your firm needs (heck, you're going to have them anyway), but to get the best results from working with a business consultant, keep your ideas to yourself -- at least at first.
(In my experience, most doctors and lawyers aren't very good at running their businesses, either.) So the job of a business consultant is to teach owner advisors what they need to know to successfully run an advisory business: to train them be good business owners.
Under the programme, advisors get the opportunity to schedule free 30-minute coaching sessions with experienced business consultants on the first Friday of each month.
and a business consultant for allegedly falsifying a financial statement.
THE bullying allegations against Prime Minister Gordon Brown could have repercussions in the boardrooms of British businesses, according to Chester business consultant Ruth Sanderson.
The prediction comes amid growing optimism over the economy, said business consultant Mercer, who carried out the survey of 41 firms.
Enlisting the help of a business consultant isn't a bad option either.
HP kicked off a new era of calculators by introducing the HP Business Consultant calculator, which boasts a sleek, modern design, while continuing in the HP heritage of technical innovation and product performance.
A NORTH East business consultant says companies in the region need to embrace change.
The 68-year-old Brand make his living today as a writer and a business consultant. But he is most famous for founding the Whole Earth Catalog, the extremely popular counterculture handbook of the late '60s and early' 70s.
* Best-selling author, expert copywriter, and noted business consultant Ted Nicholas is hosting Success Expo 2006 Seminar and Trade Show, October 28-30, at the Omni Mandalay Hotel in Irving, Texas.
Speakers will include Jeff Grout, business consultant to Sir Clive Woodward, and industry experts from Citigroup, Rolls-Royce and Xansa.
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