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a service industry that provides advice to those in charge of running a business

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Under the programme, advisors get the opportunity to schedule free 30-minute coaching sessions with experienced business consultants on the first Friday of each month.
The Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission is probing the case and is likely to recommend that the Financial Services Agency impose a fine on the business consultant in the near future, they said.
The HP Business Consultant is the first device based on the new HP calculator industrial design platform that unites style and usability to deliver visually distinct and meaningful elements across the company's calculator lineup.
He brought with him a wealth of knowledge and experience from his previous roles as business consultant and senior partner for Forward Vision, a training company specialising in the manufacturing industry.
Mr Pugh said: ``He is a very experienced business consultant, who has worked successfully with a number of organisations from the public, private and voluntary sectors on major projects and sponsorship/marketing campaigns,including the Rugby World Cup 1999, the Noah's Ark Appeal and Mencap in Wales.
Donald Morrison, CPA, a Sacramento business consultant has stronger words: "The rank stupidity of both the people in business who blessed [deregulation] and the people who cooperated is breathtaking.
Stylish, fast and easy-to-use HP Business Consultant
The Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission (SESC) is questioning a Tokyo business consultant and the Japanese agent of an overseas investment company for allegedly manipulating stock prices of Shimura Kako Co.
the company hired a family business consultant to settle the disputes.
The 37-year-old Mexican-American business consultant believes in hard work and preparation, not fairy tales.
Veteran contract compliance/small business consultant Gwendolyn Colbert-Kushner will present a free workshop, "Do It Right the First Time," providing technical assistance on how to apply for government certification as a W/M/DBE (women, minority and/or disadvantaged business) directly preceding the Fair at 4:45 p.
Although these sources are very valuable in their specific fields, they may not be the best choice for supplying the type of advice a business consultant can provide.
Chip Bialzak has joined Del Taco as senior franchise business consultant and Chris Carr has joined the company as a franchise business consultant.
Our Business Consultant also built us an incredible function that integrates QuickBase with Skype, so our processors and reps can contact our clients at the touch of a button from within each application.
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