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a service industry that provides advice to those in charge of running a business

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LTS Advisors in its capacity as a business consultant provides business plans, strategic and tactical advice, marketing and other business related services.
Franchising and the success of our franchisees are key parts of Del Taco's future growth and our franchise business consultants provide critical support for our franchisees.
Businesses are successfully making the transition to QuickBase with the help of solution providers like MCF Technologies, the first of several Coghead partners to join the QuickBase Business Consultant Program.
Additionally, her involvement as a business consultant in a retailer's functional design will help ensure that this critical component of the merchandise demand chain is implemented correctly and efficiently.
com provides crucial financial resources for longtime business consultants and those in encore careers.
A business consultant is suspected of having being involved in insider stock trading by taking advantage of information he obtained through due diligence in connection with corporate acquisitions, financial market sources said Thursday.
HP kicked off a new era of calculators by introducing the HP Business Consultant calculator, which boasts a sleek, modern design, while continuing in the HP heritage of technical innovation and product performance.
AN AWARD-WINNING business consultant has found precisely the job he is looking for after joining Gateshead engineers Jordans.
Meet with a business consultant and a lawyer who specializes in franchises to help you evaluate your concept.
School districts in San Diego County would be budgetary fools to hire a business consultant to address their evolving issues.
Chapters provide plenty of case histories and come from a veteran legal investigator and business consultant whose own in-depth case analyses serve as models of understanding.
Mr Carling, a business consultant, was former chief executive to Nottinghamshire and Glamorgan cricket clubs and a member of the Test and County Cricket Board between 1978-90.
This boot camp is going to be an opportunity because it is a common fact that 80 per cent of businesses fail during their first year, and the Number 1 reason for this failure is the lack of planning and the lack of proper management skills," says Paul Dandavino, a small business consultant with the Timmins and Area Business Self-Help Office.
A business consultant deemed a ``pyramidiot'' by Egyptologists for suggesting the world's pyramids were built by wind power has won worldwide recognition.
Donald Morrison, CPA, a Sacramento business consultant has stronger words: "The rank stupidity of both the people in business who blessed [deregulation] and the people who cooperated is breathtaking.
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