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one of a chain of retail stores under the same management and selling the same merchandise

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It will 4 continuously optimise the structure of the industrial chain and enhance the value of the two business chains of oil and gas.
HSB said it will configure Meshify's platform to provide IoT based services for small and medium size businesses and business chains.
Chairman FBR said that large scale traders, big business chains and franchises which were about 20,000 would not be able to take benefit from the scheme.
With Pynit, users can instantly access the closest location of business chains they frequent and navigate there with ease.
And they don't own any of the famous business chains in the Philippines.
There could be problems if some large retailers fall into difficulties, which will directly impact the entire business chains," he said.How the mighty have fallenLast year, the Romanian retail and FMCG market saw major M&As, withdrawals from the local market, bankruptcies and numerous insolvencies.In the FMCG domain, one of the most affected industries remains the bakery sector, which faces challenges such as rising production costs and tax evasion estimated at a whopping 70 percent.
AGCS recommends that companies add some room to single-supplier business chains, even if it means investing extra money.
He said Korean corporate sector is establishing its business chains across the world and Korean franchises need skilled Korean speaking locals to run their businesses.
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