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one of a chain of retail stores under the same management and selling the same merchandise

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broker-dealer license approved by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority in the first half of the year, Huatai Securities (USA) was eligible to conduct broker-dealer business in the U.S., including securities underwriting, securities brokerage for institutional investors, M&As and financial consulting, etc., which enabled it to continue to deepen and expand the development of its international business and full business chain system in the U.S.
The exercise involved inspections over each business chain nationwide with the cooperation of the Royal Malaysian Customs Department and the Malaysian Competition Commission.
Ginseng industry can be then benefited by this closely linked business chain and steps into the global world.
It was clear early on to Alunan that the success Pepsi aspired for rested on two arms: a strong company culture based on clearly defined values and persistent improvement across the entire business chain. PCPPI upholds important values that guides the company and its employees.
They suggested improvement in business chain of horticultural products by strengthening
They suggested improvement in business chain of horticultural products by strengthening domestic market and requested the concerned authority for the vigilant monitoring of the already approved protocol to maintain international standards of horticulture crops.
"You have a differentiated business chain where producers are in Colombia, global distributors are in Mexico and the main consumer is in the US.
Furthermore, CEOs are notoriously hard to reach and so it's also important that partners learn to influence all of the personas involved that feed into those at the top of the business chain. Thus, the channel needs to put a greater focus on dynamic consultation.
MOL will play vital role during development and operational phase of the project MOL, MOL being well experienced in LNG business chain will give valuable contribution to the project.
It has 54 subsidiary companies, with each active in a different part of the gas business chain, including compressed natural gas (CNC) sales, promotion and supply to natural gas vehicles (NGVs), proposed LNG exports, integrated gas E&P/LNG export projects, integrated gas-to-power (GtP) projects, etc.
All three speakers stressed the importance of communication throughout the business chain after tomorrow's announcement.
The risk manager plays an important role in the business chain within banks, supporting growth while ensuring adherence to the board's directives and regulatory compliance.
The top-down approach would then be complimented by bottom-up process where the risk assessments are sent up the business chain, gathered and compiled into an integrated risk assessment matrix.
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