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a card on which are printed the person's name and business affiliation

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By offering this new convenience, Staples is doing for business cards what 'instant photo' did for photo processing," said Rob Schlacter, vice president of business services, Staples, Inc.
Despite this, most (62 percent) are still simply storing business cards they receive in a card holder Even when storing contacts online, input is mostly done manually; 57 percent manually input details into their phone, with 37 percent manually inputting into their computer
Sensoprint seeks to consistently raise the creativity and impact of business cards.
An official with ICBC said that ICBC has now become Asias largest card issuer with 110 million credit cards issued, including over 7 million business cards issued to more than 70,000 central and local Party and government departments and public institutions.
A former Apple employee named after the company's rival is selling his business card on eBay.
CamCard does an amazing job scanning business cards but it's not always 100% accurate unfortunately.
Because they are a valuable marketing tool, company employees should have access to professionally designed business cards, especially if they attend events or engage with consumers on any level.
BizCard for Android offers easy image capture combined with business card contact management.
TMG Financial Services said 19 CUs have started issuing business cards through its agent issue program.
The nitty-gritty tasks of tax payments and purchase limits have been waived if you will rely on Visa Business cards.
The solution automatically transfers key information from business cards to the iPhone address book, enabling users to create new contact records and update existing ones.
Summary: ABBYY, a leading provider of document recognition, data capture, and language software, today announced the availability of a new version of its on-device application for capture and processing of contact information, ABBYY Business Card Reader 2.
Users can scan all cards into the Neat Business Cards database and export them to comma-separated values format, Plaxo (the online contact management system), or to vCards to sync to a hand-held device.
Have a bulging Rolodex with business cards still to fit in?
The increasing use of e-mail made possible by the proliferation of personal computers is having an effect on the design of Japanese business cards.
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