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a card on which are printed the person's name and business affiliation

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Additionally, Print Pelican discounts custom business card printing services to assist small business entrepreneurs and other professionals with their customized printing needs.
Print Pelican, a national provider of a wide range of online printing services, is seeking to help ease the burden by providing new business card printing using a novel template technology.
com, a site that offers business card printing service reviews for those looking to order their cards online, announces the release of new reviews of 123Print and T-Rex Cards, in addition to other business card printing reviews for basic, raised, and custom business cards.
com compares the top online business card printing companies, which offer significantly lower-cost business cards than brick-and-mortar print shops.
LSU Shreveport wishes to establish an open bid to cover general letterhead stationery, envelope & business card printing by offset letterpress, or other equipment in the industry, for the period: December 21, 2015 thru June 30, 2016.
Also reserved is the right to request a price on any miscellaneous letterhead stationery, envelope & business card printing that may arise during the course of this bid.
Veraprint will also be expanding its promotional reach, including reducing its regular prices on business card printing and postcard printing.
The Purpose Of This Bid Invitation Is To Obtain Information About Your Firm And Its Ability To Provide These Services And To Obtain Pricing Commitments For Business Card Printing As Listed In The Bid Documents.
Plaxo Business Card Printing -- through iPrint, Plaxo members can now turn their Plaxo cards into printed business cards for everyday use.
Tenders Are Invited For Stationery Letterhead, Envelope And Business Card Printing
combines BCTs AMOS technology for automated business card printing with MicroBeam's new catalog and file transfer system.
There are places offering business card printing in Basingstoke including digital business cards to assist start-ups.
With the access of the special offers launched by the company, consumers can save money on a wide range of services like banner printing and business card printing.
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