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As the holidays approached, the company continuously reviewed its customer order data in real time, using data feeds that were generated at point-of-sale retail outlets and fed into the central business activity monitoring system.
* Business Activity Monitoring on Windows Vista - A new "Notify" gadget for users of the Windows Vista operating system will alert users when new items require their attention in Metastorm BPM.
Under the agreement, Vinculum Japan will build upon the significant functionality of webMethods' business activity monitoring (BAM) capabilities to deliver real-time monitoring of business performance.
Oracle Business Intelligence Suite delivers a unified, integrated BI infrastructure featuring a comprehensive set of products that are available today and span query and analysis, enterprise reporting, mobile analytics, dashboards and portal technology, integration with Microsoft Office and Excel, intelligent workflow, real-time alerting, Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), and more.
SunGard Workflow Solutions has added business activity monitoring (BAM) to its MACESS.exp business process management solution.
From EDA, it is a short step to a highly automated business created from the convergence of processes supported by emerging concepts such as business activity monitoring (BAM), CEP and ESP.
This provides an end-to-end B2B integration solution to help companies fully realize the benefits inherent in IBM WebSphere, such as business activity monitoring (BAM) and business processes management (BPM).
BPEL Process Manager and Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) are part of this family of products.
The company said with the launch of version 4.0 of its suite, it will add a Process Integrator component, with support for the business process execution language and business activity monitoring, both aimed at helping customers to handle process management.
The leading research organisation the Gartner Group has crystallised the objectives of business analysis and planning today into the phrase 'Business Activity Monitoring' (BAM).
Inova Corporation, a developer of enterprise data monitoring and reporting systems, has introduced Inova Business Activity Monitoring, a custom solution addressing the cross-industry demand for a means to manage live and historical business information across multiple sources and geographic areas.
"This will result in the next evolution of application server technology in areas such as B2B, enterprise information portals (EIP), business process monitoring (BPM) and business activity monitoring (BAM).
The combination between Axway's position in data flow management and Systar's expertise in business activity monitoring will provide businesses with insight into their transactional data flows.
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