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For those who own a business by themselves, sole proprietorship may be the most straightforward and simplest type of business structure.
General Motors (NYSE: GM), a United States-based automaker, has reorganised its business structure in Southeast Asia.
Based on this market-specific business structure with strengthened front-line functions, Hitachi will accelerate Collaborative Creation with the customers, and create valuable innovations that combine both products and services.
Ahlstrom's business structure will be organized into two business areas: Filtration & Performance and Specialties.
Wernerfelt (1984) first pointed out the usefulness of economic analysis of business structure in terms of resources rather than products.
To complement the new business structure the following senior level appointments have been made:
The change to alternative business structures (ASB), which allows external investment, is one of the measures contained in the Legal Services Act, due to become law later this year.
The company is reorganising its business structure around four business divisions and four staff functions in order to increase the firm's efficiency, performance accountability and simplicity.
The shift is part of the group structural reform including the following: Stronger R&D, Growth strategy in Devices Business, strengthening of business structure, Industrial Machinery and Electronic Products, and overall expansion in size of the businesses, and stronger Head Office.
San Antonio, Texas, has announced a new business structure that involves spinning off Riverside Products, Moline, Ill.
Since revenue generated and resources devoted are limited, there is little impact on your business structure.
It is rewriting the rules of the market pulp industry and building a highly competitive business structure based in the latest pulping technology and equipment.
The American Foundry Society (AFS) and its Cast Metals Institute (CMI) have announced recent and future changes to their business structure to be better prepared to serve the North American metalcasting industry.
The new joint venture will construct a competitive business structure that can promote optimized use of management resources and leadership in the global market.
Understandably, entities accumulate, but your focus should be on trying to manage your business, not your business structure.
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